a bunch o' banana cupcakes

bunch o' banana cupcakes

banana cupcakes with a chocolate ganache filling and topped with a double-squidge of mascarpone frosting and a teeny candy-coated chocolate banana. i was reading an article featuring my favourite cupcake lady, chockylit, and i decided to try the banana cupcake recipe from kara's cupcakes. instead of the cream cheese frosting used in the recipe, i just used the leftovers from my previous cupcake efforts. i didn't find the cupcakes to be particularly banana-y, so i refrained from using the coffee ganache leftovers from the last time; however, the frosting and ganache still almost completely overwhelmed the 'nana cakes, so hopefully next time my bananas will be tastier. i just never know how a rotting banana will go.

a few days ago, it was alizinha's birthday; as she is a contributor to cupcake central, cupcakes take the cake, and an early admirer of the greenbanana cupcakes, these are dedicated to her. parabéns e muitas felicidades!


it's funny, because I tried that same recipe for the banana cupcakes from the article chockylit was in. mine seemed pretty banana-ey, but maybe it's just a function of the bananas themselves. you did use super-ripe ones, yes?

and thanks for the dedication, though I wish I could've actually EATEN one!

no green bananas for this recipe! i think it was the type of banana i used, which is a local variety (from my backyard!), very small, and has a different flavour than the type imported to the mainland. next time i'll stick to the big yellers :)

the breadth, the scope, of your knowledge and connections, why, it's nothing less than mind-boggling. i'd never gotten around to visiting that little cupcakey site before! 10-Q

I love the sounds of banana and chocolate and you've decorated these so beautifully. How did you fill them? Just squirt the ganache in from the top?

i've been following your site for some time. i love your stuff. my husband and i are currently on island because of the AF. it's nice to see that people make something other than just rice here(nothing against rice of course as we eat it a LOT). where did you find marscapone cheese?? i've searched the island for it and do not know...is there a secret store?

The candy-coated chocolate banana on top makes these entirely charming. Sooo cute!

I'm sure I don't need to add that all these delicious looking cupcakes are making me hungry.

Kara was my classmate in pastry school! I'm sure she will be thrilled to know her cupcakes are making their way around the globe!

tg, ur wlcm!

hi cathy, yes, i just took a large filling tip attached to a pastry bag filled with cooled ganache and shoved it straight into the top of the cupcake. it's easier if you hold on to the cupcake when you do this, as you can judge how much is going in and you can kind of feel if you are overfilling it and if it's going to crack. i just covered the hole with the frosting.

hi carla, welcome to guam! supermarkets are quirky (i'm sure you've found that out)--the same chain won't carry the same things in all their stores. the best source for mascarpone cheese is the harmon/dededo cost-u-less--it's a big tub of stuff from italy. i'm pretty sure they have some right now, unless i get there first :D otherwise, you should try dededo pay-less which seems to have the best selection of quirky items, followed by the micro mall location, then agana. i don't know if stanlee's (liquor store and aussie shop) in tumon still sells cheese, but they used to carry mascarpone on a regular basis as well.

julie, sometimes it's better that they're virtual :)

anita, that's great! the cupcake recipe worked well, even though they weren't banana-y enough. i'd love to try another one of her recipes, in lieu of her actual cupcakes :)

What cute little bananas. I like that picture. Sorry to hear about your troubles of late, that would be so frustrating. Good luck.