not from s'bux.

chocolate-coffee cupcakes with mocha ganache and mascarpone cream

chocolate-coffee cupcakes, with a just right amount of mocha ganache and a generous squidge of mascarpone cream frosting. from a daniel boulud recipe. at first i thought that the ganache would just be OTT (yeah you know me), but was hooked at first bite. readers, i ate this one. and it was delicious. easily one of my favourites.

chocolate-coffee cupcake with mocha ganache and mascarpone cream

the recipe says it makes 30 standard-sized cupcakes, but i made 18 espresso cup-sized ones (four ounce sized ones, i think), and had quite a bit of ganache and cream frosting left over. hm. what to do, what to do....

coffee-chocolate cupcakes unadorned


Oh my, I'm going through massive chocolate and coffee cravings and this just about kills me! looks so tasty!! XD i've got to find myself a fix tomorrow.


Great idea! Can you bring some with you the next time you're out this way? PPPLLLLEEEAAAAASSSSEEE!!!!!

those are so utterly charming santos!

Those cupcakes sound like a perfect combination of flavors and I love the presentation.


i had to come back and ask a Q cos these are kind of inspiring...

so I can simply just bake cakes in those paper coffee cups??


Oh yum, my mouth is watering!!! I love that you baked them in little, coffee cups!

looks soooo damn good..

I love the cups - the whole presentation is fantastic!


Oh those are just too cute and yummy looking. I'm sure you'll think of something to do with the leftover frosting.

You have the most creative presentations! I am not a coffee drinker - but coffee in desserts is something I wholeheartedly support!

That looks fantastic!
I want to try those and I'll add a chocolate covered coffee bean on top for added kick.

Double Yum! And your mangoes banner is great too!

hi marie, i hope you found your fix!

reid, sure :) you want me to bring them on my way from guam, or shall i just meet you in sd with a dozen cupcakes?

hi sam! yes, you can absolutely bake in paper cups, as long as they are unwaxed. also, allow a little room for air/heat to circulated between the cups, just space the cups about 1/2" inch apart on a baking sheet (i use a jelly roll-type pan because there's a little lip--i feel like they'll slide off a cookie sheet when i take them out of the oven).

hi julie and seamusscuddles! perfect for packing for a picnic too--very sturdy.

hi cathy! they're fun, aren't they.

double anons--i can't believe i got rachael rayed. yum-oh. snort.

acornbud, the frosting is very versatile. there are so many possibilities :)

anita and pinkeagle, the caffeine content in this is rather high, but the coffee taste is not overpowering. really lovely.

hiya bex! you can almost smell the green mangoes :D

Absolutely gorgeous!!

that idea is so cute.... we have a coffee shop here that has foam art and i could see a little twist on your cupcakes with a two-tone "foam" design on top.

always take it to the next level ;)

So cute! Love that idea!

Oh yum. I am practically drooling on the keyboard.

Sound delicious, and the presentation is totally inspired as well! Thanks for the tip!

hey thanks for sharing this! it's such good party food - i'll hv to try it soon! :)

I do not understend something: on bottom is orange ...what?, and next white...?

that's the torn cup.

Oh, now is obviously :) Thank you.

no worries :) are you going to make some?

Yes, it's so great idea. Maybe I try added some colors (little change recipe)...

So.. The cups won't catch/fire or burn? Just place on a baking sheet?....just wanna make sure. I tried softening butter in the microwave yesterday and the wrapper ignited... Didn't realize there was foil on it!

hello! no, they won't burn as long as they are not wax-coated. it's just like a thick paper liner for cupcakes, really.