strawberry sunday (or the 20-minute tea).

strawberries, slightly closer.

strawberries are in season in japan, and we on the island are lucky enough to have some of the sweetest, tiniest specimens available to us. although i think that wild strawberries are the ideal fruit, these glossy red, sweet, juicy, half-a-bite-sized jewels are pretty darned close. the first punnet barely survived the morning, eaten with nary an adornment, with much satisfaction.

simple scones and an equally simple strawberry jam.

ms. sam reminded me that it is st. george's day today. this means pretty much nothing to me, but put me in the mood for a bit of afternoon tea; however, the afternoon turned out to be gorgeously sunny and breezy, so i wanted to spend the majority of it outdoors, and not over a hot oven. luckily, putting together some semblance of a cream tea needn't take more time than necessary--i managed to get one together in less than 20 minutes, with only the slightest bit of help from a previously purchased jar of double cream. i just modified a favourite cream biscuit recipe, and yesss, microwaved some of the strawberries from my stash for a not-so-jammy but very delish vanilla-infused fruit...soup. okay, jammy soup. still, it soaked through the whisper-light scones and stood up admirably to the heaving glory of the double cream and sated that particular desire.

and thus so, i was on my way, belly full of berries and wearing a sunny sunday smile.

simple scones

2 cups self-raising flour
2 tbsp sugar
1-1 1/2 cups heavy whipping cream

preheat oven to 450˚F.

mix all ingredients together to form a stiff dough. knead on a floured surface lightly, then roll out the dough to desired thickness and cut out as desired. you can rework the scraps to cut out more. bake for 10-12 minutes until puffy and lightly golden.

microwave strawberry jam

1 punnet of strawberries
1 vanilla bean, slit down the middle
sugar to taste (1/2-1 cup, usually)

place all ingredients in a microwaveable bowl. microwave on 'high' for 6-8 minutes, until all the sugar has dissolved and the strawberry juices have thickened slightly. refrigerate until ready to use (this will taste better after several days, but can be used immediately).


ooh ah. love me some scones. think i'll borrow this recipe tomorrow for when the boy's mother pops in for afternoon tea. thank you ms. santos :)

Those strawberries look like little jewels of perfection. Mmm...have to get myself down to the farmer's market now:)Those are lovely looking scones!

hello ms. saffy, you are so very welcome. let me know what you think of them.

miss anita, aren't they beauties? i hope strawberries are in season where you are!

i've been searching for a simple scone recipe and yours is it!! i'm going to have to try it out as soon as i pick up the cream. thx!

maomau, it can't get simpler (unless you omit the sugar, which is entirely permissable). hope you like it!

st george's day didn't mean uch to me until today. Now I think it's just a blimmin' good excuse to have a tea party!!!!!

we had scones too (but no strawberries)

did you know that st. george is the patron saint of the scouting movement? maybe we should have girl scout cookies :)

these look wonderful, i have a weakness for strawberries. half the time the ones on base are moldy. thanks for the marscapone hint. :) i've lived here for almost 2 years, you think i would've figured it out by now. i often wonder if we've ever passed each other since it's such a small island. (who knows?) my husband and i frequent firefly bistro often, which you have mentioned in previous entries. love that place. love the staff more.

hi carla, i'm sure we have! btw, if you are looking for these strawberries, check tokyo mart in the monticello plaza next to the tamuning cost-u-less. last weekend they were on sale ($4.99 for a 300g punnet, but not a bad berry in the lot), but they go on sale every two weeks or so--you'll just have to check the flyer on the door, they rarely advertise in the paper.

hiya. didn't have enough time to make it for afternoon tea... but i didn make them for breakfast today. really easy and yummy! as i said on google talk i added buttermilk to the dough to make them fluffier - and hoped for the best. and whatd'ya know - fluffy breakfast scones :) thanks ms. santos!

Hi Santos,

I just made a version of these myself... Not sure they turned out as nice as yours, but then baking has never been my strong point. Thanks for the recipe though, it was dead easy, and to Deb for sending me over to find it :)


hello ms. saffy, does the buttermilk make them extra fluffier than just cream alone, or does it just offer a different flavour?

hello matt! thanks for coming by and trying the recipe. i hope you enjoyed them, despite whatever misgivings you may have.

you have me hungering for strawberries! But unfortunately, it's only starting to be spring in my part of the world and the local varieties, also tiny perfect specimens, won't be ready until late july! :(

oh no! well, the technique works for other fruit. or frozen strawberries? or have a strawberry dacquiri? ;)

What a yummy blog! I've linked to your eye candy.

Oh... I wanna try your easy yet so good strawberry jam. I can't find vanilla beans, what may I substitute?

hello cyberamiga, thanks for the link! and thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment, i appreciate it.

tabehodai, the possibilities are endless: you can use vanilla extract or powder, or you can go a citrus route and use lemon zest or lemon peel, or even a couple of orange wedges (peel and all). you can even experiment with different herbs--i like basil with strawberry, but you can try mint, or rosemary, or, or, or....

cool! i had no idea about all those! thanks a zillion!!!

Dear Santos,
I was quite happy to discover clotted cream at a Munich supermarket, but haven't gotten around to do something with it... Now I know! The pictures look wonderfully crisp and delicious!

I've never been able to buy whole vanilla beans on Guam, do they have them here? I've resorted to ordering them from Penzey's! Let me know, thanks.

tabehodai, i hope whatever you choose works out well for you.

nicky, clotted cream is wonderful, i'm happy to provide you with an idea.

purplecupcake, you can buy them on island, but they are expensive. i bought mine in bulk from ebay, but penzey's prices seem very reasonable.

Who sells them here? Thanky!

pay-less does, but they are something like $7 each, and they're not always in stock. they had them at ross a couple of times, but you can imagine how quickly those were snapped up, even at $4 each. i'm not sure if they'd have them on base. i'd stick to penzey's, or ebay. i believe i bought mine (25 organic madagascar beans) for just under $20, which included shipping.

i think i've died and gone to strawberry heaven!!!

you can't see me, but i'm drooling. hugely. i had to go and get tissues to mop up the spit so i wouldn't blow my computer to bits. and now, i'm going to go see if i can hunt down some strawberries...

Thank you Santos! I tried both recipes and they were fantastic. Luckily the strawberry season in Japan gets longer every year, so I'll be able to make this a few more times before switching to another fruit. But it was the scone recipe that really impressed me- how can it be so easy to make something so good? It's almost magical.

Hi Santos!
If you're here in the Metro (Manila that is) and still craving for strawberries, there's some imported ones at this new fruit stall at Powerplant's basement. =D

I have a question too, what do I do if my flour isn't self-rising?


amy, isn't it crazy cool how easy that recipe is? if you don't mind the calories, you could have fresh biscuits every day.

ana, i picked up some kumquats and a dragonfruit from that stall in the powerplant when i was there during chinese new year. i'm glad it's a permanent fixture, not just a holiday thing!

you can easily make your own self-rising flour: just add 1-1/2 teaspoons of baking powder and 1/2 teaspoonful of salt to 1 cup of all-purpose flour.

good luck with the recipe!

Santos - that strawberry scone looks mouthwateringly yummy!!!

Thank you so much for the recipe! Just made it in 30 minutes after uni (finally tried the recipe!).
Strawberries are now in season here in Australia. Though I used blueberry for this recipe (tasted nicer than eaten raw).
It's fast, easy, and yummy, too! =D