i sent an email to frank warren, the founder/keeper of postsecret, regarding a little copyright infringement. the post is no longer up, but i have not heard from mr. warren.


so, now what? do i wait for another book to come out to see if it was included? should i write mr. warren and extract a promise that it won't be published?


i think i'll go bake a cake.


Hi Santos, I live on Guam too...Nice to see fellow Chamorros here, if you are one...lol
Drop me a comment..

I've already seen the book on store shelves (in New York State,) so if it's included, it's already too late :(

hi purplecupcake, i'm not chamorro, but i've lived on guam for most of my life. and i've been to your blog before too!

anon, this was a relatively recent submission, after the publication of the book, so it's not too late.

I don't understand what the big deal is about asking permission. Maybe the company thinks that because you're not a major corporation you won't mind or fight them on it?

Good luck in the future.

hmmm. gee, i wonder what frank warren's email address is? in case i wanted to, say, send him a note inquiring, in a very nonspecific, general-purpose way, about post secret's policy regarding copyright infringement. yknow - just on general principles. hmmm. i wonder if it's Frank@docdel.com? do ya suppose that's his email address? in case anyone else wanted to inquire very generally as to postsecret's policy on copyright infringement? i mean, the crappy photos i post aren't anywhere near as tasteful as santos' so i doubt anyone out there would find them sufficiently appealing to STEAL them for their own use in a piece of "art". but better safe than sorry. it might be good just to know what post secret's policy is, before i continue to post my own photos which i took myself

Your photos are great, your recipes are awesome...I wish I could bake like you too!

hi mochene, i don't know where or what the problem is either, nor would i think it would be a problem to not publish it at all--he claims he gets thousands of postcards, so there's always something to replace it. i sent a second letter today, i'm waiting to see if mr. warren responds.

tg, heee. if he doesn't answer, he'll be at an intriguing (scroll towards the bottom) hosted by one of my favourite bookstores, atomic books. i encourage anyone in the area to go over there and um, ask a few pertinent questions.

purplecupcake, if i wasn't on a diet, i would totally pay you by the hour to keep me rolling in flavoured popcorn. i am a totally useless when it comes to popping corn, i can't even do those microwave bags. sad, huh? we'll have to trade corn for cupcakes one day.

tg, the word 'event' should've shown up in that last comment :P

I clicked on the Atomic Books link thinking there must be one somewhere else. It was startling for me to see that it's the one here in Baltimore. That's a long way from Guam.

Atomic Books is less than two miles from my house. I'm happy to hand deliver something for you.

Santos, you got a deal! Let me know if you would ever want some, no charge...I'm just a hop and skip away! You don't normally hear that everyday....lol

hi julie, there will always only be one atomic books, imo, but it would be pretty funny if the only other outlet in this world was in guam. i would love to attend the found v postsecret smackdown because i heart one and heart-not-so-much the other. i just want someone to ask him about his copyright infringement policy, and for a whole bunch of witnesses to hear his answer. i've already enlisted one person, but if you're planning on attending, perhaps i'll have another ally!

purplecupcake, no i don't! when i'm off the diet, i'll take you up on it.

hello. i think it's great that you contacted this mr. warren. it's never too late to contact this person for copyright infringement. someone is making money from your work and you cannot let this slide. here is a site that i recommend you see for more info on what to do next: http://lorelle.wordpress.com/2006/04/10/what-do-you-do-when-someone-steals-your-content/ hopefully, this will help you out. i'm not sure how this person stole your photo, but you shouldn't let this slide. good luck to you.

i would've contacted postsecret too...these postcards are seen by millions, through books and exhibits. that is your image, no doubt about i; therefore people might assume that this postcard was yours, etc. i'd fight it!

you might want to watermark all your images if you already don't.

Sorry that this is unrelated but...

I just found this blog and I have to say..Wow! I've been looking through some of your posts and recipes and they look absolutely delicious, a true inspiration for anyone wanting to do something different for a change.

Nice to see all these Filipino recipes as well! Brings back memories! :P

This site has gone straight into my bookmarks and I'll definitely be back soon to see more of these amazing culinary treats!

I agree with what marc says ^-^
i love your site and your recipes!!!!!!!

I haven't visited in awhile Santos. I like the new look.

such an interesting topic! i can't wait to find out what will happen with this... although, i have to say in response to deborah's comment that the person who used the image to make her/his postsecret is not making any money out of this. i don't really think that that's the issue!

good luck!

hi pink rocket! i've been trying to avoid watermarking my photos, but i may have to start :(

hello marc and yuzuki, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. i hope to hear from you again.

hello barbara, i hope you are doing well, and thanks for coming by again :)

magalie, i think deborah meant mr. warren, who owns the rights to postsecret and apparently all the works sent into him. he has already had one collection of postcards published as a book, and there is a video using the images, so he must be getting paid for licensing rights.

i can't wait to find out what happens with this too :)

Hi I was surfing the net and I chanced upon your blog. Amazing site you have... really gorgeous photos. Cheers from Sunny Singapore

hello brian tan in sunny singapore--you are so lucky to live in a land of wonderful food everywhere. thanks for dropping by!

Don't bother e-mailing him... he won't respond. As one of the initial blog linkers to PostSecret, Frank's publisher e-mailed me offering me a free copy of the PostSecret book to review before it came out. I never got it, so I asked Frank about it. Twice. Still no response. I have no desire to ask a third time.

grrrr, i've found that out already, avatar. sucks. *sigh*. i'll guess i'll send him a postcard, HA.