matcha meringue with mango

this sort of deconstructed pavlova is on the other end of the dessert spectrum from the ladyfinger sammich: matcha green tea meringue, with sliced mango, ginger-lime thingy, and a bit of mint. the matcha meringue was made with the four egg whites left from the custard i made for the frozen cream, 2/3rds of a cup of sugar, and a tablespoon of powdered green tea, beaten until stiff peaks form, then baked in a low heat oven until dry.

i am seriously bad at baking meringues, they always go brown on me, but it doesn't matter for this as the lovely celadon colour comes through anyway. i usually start with an oven preheated to 250˚f, and bake them for an hour, then drop the temp to 200˚f and bake them for another hour, then leave them in the oven overnight until they are dry. doesn't always do the trick, depending on the humidity, so i'll turn on the oven and try again. tricky things.


Your deconstrction has liberated us from the oppression of our assumptions of what a pav should be. The subversion of what is essentially the whitest of white Australian traditional foods with asian influences is outstanding. That it is delicious too, is magnificent.

now, now, you're just guessin' it tastes good. what if it really doesn't?!

jeeeez, looks and sounds gorgeous! I have never even tried to make meringue, and probably never will, so would you pretty please deliver some (with the cream, too)?? ;D

I vote for Spam-meringue next!

hey chika

i will gladly deliver a dozen meringues plus cream! now, who's paying for that airplane ticket? ;-)

hey jonny

spam-erang, isn't that some sort of antipodean toy/weapon/culinary oddity?

Simularum, signifier, signified looks delicious does not taste delicious [head explodes]

Hi Santos,

Matcha meringue...hmm...now that's a novel idea! I love how you're so creative with these things! Must have been quite a unique combination of flavors. =)

hi Santos, today is my first day browse ur blog. gave me a very good impression when I see this matcha meringue with mango. yap, i do think it's a superb idea of mixing matcha with meringue. Matcha n mango r the 2 thing i can't resist. and i must say i love the way u present the foods in ur pics. wat impress me more is tat u actually made them. hmm...

btw, i hv my own food blog too, if u would like to hv a look


hey reid

it's one or two flavours more than i'd usually go for, but they all complement each other well, and you get a new taste/texture in every bite.

hey fishfish

like your blog too! thanks for stopping by!

hey fishfish

sometimes i'm pretty impressed i can make them too :-)

i rang in the new year here in montclair nj by making the matcha meringues. it took a long time for my whites to stiffen (my fault they weren't really room temp) but finally peaked. now i have to get meringues out of my house before i eat them all. may attempt rose meringues later to day. happy new year. thanks for sharing your cooking genius