grilled gravlax pizza

when i made the asian-style gravlax, i also cured a bit with peppercorns and lots and lots of dill. even though it's cured, it has to be eaten soon, and i keep forgetting to pass by the store to get some brown bread and capers to eat it in a traditional manner. so last night, i made a simple pizza dough base (3 cups of flour, 1 cup of water, glug of olive oil, salt, and a packet of yeast) in the bread maker, got a mani-pedi (aah), then slapped that dough on the grill with some olive oil, turned it over once, then added fontina cheese. once it got all grilly crisp on the bottom and gooey cheesy on top, i topped it with thinly sliced gravlax, sour cream mixed with dill, and some chives.