i don't make tiramisu

it's not that i don't like tiramisu, it's just that everytime i buy the savoiardo/ladyfinger biscuits for it, i end up eating them all. so very, very, good in a weird old-lady cookie sort of way--dry, not so sweet, not so rich.

since the ginger-lime cream i made was excessively rich, i decided to pair it with these biccies by sandwiching a couple spoonfuls in between them, then wrapping them up and bunging them in the freezer for lovely little frozen treats, ready at any time. mmm. there's that purple clingfilm again.


a lady finger sandwich--I love it! :)

Looks yummy! I thought you might get a kick out of this.

hey maia

they are a little bulky, but it's only a couple of tablespoons of ice cream, so i think it's the perfect size

hey avatar

so funny, i had pointed engineer dude to maia earlier, but she had already seen him. i'm completely jealous of his format for recipes, but can you imagine trying to use that with my skooch of this and a smattering of that semi-recipes? disaster! still, i'm green with aesthetic envy.

If I weren't rather cold right now, I'd say that looks really good.

OK, it looks really, really good, anyway! The ginger-lime creams sounds delish.

Hi Santos,

I bet that ginger-lime cream went very well with the lady fingers. Have you tried to make lady fingers yourself? I tried it once...it was a disaster!

hey reid

you're a braver baker than i am. i'm impressed you even tried!

hi fae

the ginger and lime was lovely, although next time i think i'd like to boost it with fresh lime zest and freshly grated ginger. mmmmm. i was suggesting to lili that a whipped cream made with melted marmalade and heavy cream might be quite tasty--maybe in the cooler weather it would be something to try on a warm cake?