ginger-lime frozen cream

last week's impulse purchase had been taunting me prettily on the counter all weekend, so i finally decided to do something with it. of course, deciding to do something is often the biggest effort i'm willing to expend in a project. it would have been lovely to see this in a ginger-lime cheesecake, a slice, or a glaze for a roasted chicken, but that would require expending more energy than i was willing to in the kitchen. there was a beach/a bar/a friend/"shaun of the dead" beckoning.

since we're in the middle (beginning/end) of an endless summer, i went for the coolest option: freezing. i mixed one cup of milk, with one cup of heavy cream, and one cup of ginger-lime marmalade (any marmalade/jam/preserve would work) in a saucepan, and heated it on low heat until the marmalade melted and the mixture just came to the boil. i whisked four egg yolks in a separate bowl, took the cream-marmalade off the heat, and slowly added it to the yolks until well incorporated. i returned it to the heat, and cooked it on medium-low until a custard was formed. i waited for it to cool, threw it in a container, and into the freezer. every half hour for a couple of hours, i'd stir the mixture up, breaking down the ice crystals, so a smooth frozen cream would form. it did. yay.

supah-rich, this stuff is. nicely gingery and limey (next time i'll add lime zest and grated ginger before freezing), and like buttah, baby.

i used this as a component to a couple of different confections which i shall post about...next!


Hmmmmm, that looks good, and simple...I have this jar of unopened pineapple jam, that has a new job, I think. Pineapple cream stuff... Maybe I'll throw some ginger in there too, and some chopped candied ginger. Can't go wrong with ginger.

Thanks for the ideas :D

hey lili

nope, can't go wrong with ginger. i was thinking of trying this sometime without the eggs--just heavy cream and the marmalade heated then frozen. i wonder if it would work well. i think that maybe the pineapple marmalade melted with heavy cream, cooled then just whipped up and the ginger folded in might be pretty durn tasty, too. maybe as a topping to a gingerbread-type cake? mmmmmmmm. dang. i want to try that. thank you back for the idea!

*whoops* pineapple jam, sorry.

Hmm, I don't know how well it would freeze, without the eggs. I forsee pineapple ginger cream popsicle...

But, just whipped up, I think you're on to something...and gingerbread, that's just brilliant. It's a good season for gingerbread, too. Thanks back for the idea back? hehe

if you make it, post a photo--i'd love to see how it turns out.