all wrapped up (in yarn and fur)

doctor who done.

hiya! i had a weird summer vacation from blogging, how about you? sorry i've stayed away, but real life keeps getting in the way. i hope to blog regularly again soon. i don't think you care about what i've been up to, but the main thing that has kept me from blogging here is that i'm on a diet. whoo! and a boring (but sensible) one at that. it's actually quite simple: avoid processed foods, and do any sort of exercise. i promise to blog any interesting and non-processy recipes, but right now i'm happy with not thinking about food prep. i've replaced baking with knitting, so if you are on ravelry, look me up!

doctor whodunit

in other news, smoo, the family dog for the past 11 years (see above in her coconut murderous mode or see her here in cute mode) is at the vet's for the second time in as many weeks. she has a malignant tumour and they are checking to see if it has spread. if you are so inclined, send a good thought or two her way towards a successful recovery.


ps--i've had to turn on comment moderation for a little while because the spammers had invaded good and proper. i'm trying to clear up the garbage, so bear with me for awhile until the situation has gotten under control. thank you, salamat, dangkulo y si yu'os ma'ase!


I'm happy to see a post here:) What a cute puppy she was. Dieting is so boring but the results are always pleasing. Sigh.

I love the sweater! My knitting is too basic to even make more than a sample of knit knit knit knit. Purling sort of makes me dizzy. Any tips? Or a good website to help me figure out how to make a sock?

I love the scarf! Any tips or a good website to help me in my knitting misery? I need to learn how to knit a sock.

Wow that is a long scarf. What is your ravelry name? I cant find you :-)

To anyone looking for knitting advice/help, this is a great website with video instruction:


hi barbara, this poor dog! a few years ago she was attacked by five rottweilers who quite literally ripped her apart. and now this. i wish her life wasn't so full of obstacles :(

hi mila! this scarf is just knitknitknit, no purl! but it is about 24 feet long--you might want a shorter version :)

i would highly recommend joining the ravelry community. there's a lot of support from other knitters in the forums, and lots of free patterns for every level of knitter. i need to learn how to knit socks too. i bought this book, but it hasn't come in yet. when i get stuck i sometimes check out knitting help and about knitting pages. anyway, i've found that the more i knit, the better i get at it, so just keep practicing!

hi lauren! oh whoops that would help, huh.


'chotda' is the chamoru word for 'green bananas' )))) <--bunch of

i have no idea what i'm going to do with a 24-foot long scarf on guam.

Love that scarf! Too cool. Good luck with your dietary changes--sounds like a good move :)

Smooches to Smoo!

I'm sure she would love to wrap herself in that scarf while she recovers from the knife.

I hope Smoo gets well soon. My sister had a cranky cocker spaniel named Schroeder that looked just like her, but he died pretty early. I suddenly miss him now.

best wishes for smoo, and very impressive knitting...nothing like a Dr. Who scarf!

your dog is such a sweetheart..reminds me of my little cocker spaniel at home! home he/she gets well real soon.
i find it hard to blog when i'm on a diet too which is a bit of a pain since i love my food and i can't stop the barrage of crazy cooking ideas in my head..gd luck with the spammers! x

smoo is soooo adorable! i hope she gets well soon. and happy almost halloween! i keep thinking about dieting/exercising but pretty much that's it. :/

Nice to see you post again. It's been too long!

Send my love to Smoo. My thoughts are with you and your gorgeous dog :)

Is that you in the photo?

So nice to drop by to see how you're doing (yes, we still care :)), knitting, eh? Hope Smoo is doing better...

greetings from an old friend. just popping in to say HI and that I'm still alive and well. cheerio.

Nice to see you as well, Fatman. Gosh, I miss you guys!

aim, thanks! the food is not difficult to deal with, it's just the willpower. curses.

akatsukira, ah, she wants to be wrapped in bacon.

hi tanya, oh the cranky ones are the best. and schroeder is such a great name!

hello mary jane, after a lifetime of knitting i'm still a novice. but practice, that dr. who was definitely lots of practice.

diva, you and me both sistah, you and me both

susan, i think a lot about it too. more than actual practice gaaaah

hi karen, thank you from smoo and me both. and now that i have my macbook back from the shop, i'll def be posting more

tokyoastrogirl, no, that's my neighbour, steven. totally loves the camera. i stay behind it!

oslofoodie and fatman! oh my goodness, it's like two rock stars came over to borrow a cup of sugar and i was out.... dang. i miss you both! come back soon!

Ok, I was gonna say...I spent all this time thinking you were a girl! So I'm not nuts, you're a girl and the cute guy is your neighbor. Phew!

aHaaaaaa i get that a lot, sadly. but i'm so not going to tell steven someone thinks he's cute he's got a big enough head as it is :)

Hello! Since I made the decision to go on a diet two weeks ago, my farewell tour to sweets has been extended two weeks. Grrr. It's not easy. Thought of you because of the CDG at H&M frenzy. Got to one location 15 mins. after it opened, and all the pieces I wanted had already been snatched up. Haaay... Please give Smoo a kiss and a hug from me. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

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thank you!

Love that scarf!! What a cute puppy, too... :)