yes, i know you are meant to learn more about san francisco, but truthfully, this is much, much more interesting.

also? have brought chopsticks on plane to knit when knitting needles were banned. you get some odd stares but it works.


Ingenious! Why don't they let you bring wooden knitting needles? They let you bring cotton balls, purell and matches!

Great video!

I just started to learn how to knit so this option to knit my food sounds intriguing. Pity the noodle is only so long, but maybe there are longer noodles out there! Knit a stockinette patch of linguini and then layer it for a knitted lasagna! Hmmm

You never fail to amaze me!

was going to ask why, but i guess that just shows me up as a non-knitter. i shall now demand that my weekly ramen is knitted before being served!

hi shelly, they wouldn't allow any knitting needles at some point after 9/11, which coincidentally or not, was the last time i went on a knitting binge. i sort of stopped after that, even though you can bring needles on flights now.

hello mila! wow, a knitted lasagna would be amazing. let me know how it turns out when you do it ;)

miss candy, i haven't tried it yet. i've got an intense desire to make one of those oversized yohji yamamoto-type sweaters out of udon. ramen or soba would be good for an issey miyake-esque piece, yes?

akatsukira, you need something to keep the kamaboko warm! bwahaaaa!

ciao a tutti da scorzè venezia

peace and freedom

Fabulous! I usually get away with wooden knitting needles. But nobody seems to know what the policies are anymore.

*blinks* I don't know how long I've read your blog, but it's been a few years. I can't believe I never realized until now that you also knew how to knit!

This is too neat. And way too fun. A whole new reason to make spaghetti.

i think you are going to be in the room next to mine...you know, the ones with the soft walls?

translation: i like it (and the world know how off center i am!


I know that the Italian place in the Pike Place Market once sold yard-long spagettii...but this was ages and ages ago....like 30 years ago. or longer! but my what possibilities if they're still out there.

as far as knitting on airplanes, I never understood why circular needles weren't banned too...the 24" ones make a perfect garrote... Now only scissors are banned.

Too funny!

Huh. I didn't know you were a knitter. i like knitting with licorice whips.

that's 'using your noodle'!
VERY CREATIVE . .. or very bored . . .   ;-)

'HAFA (Good) Dai'

mark jaquette @
illustrationism &
bammgraphics !

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Wow, that is creative for sure!

Fascinating! I couldn't look away. Haha!

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That's amazing! I used to love Ramen noodles, but now I love them all the more. I always loved playing with my food, but I never thought of putting it to practical use. I could make myself a noodle sweater when I'm bored.