orange you glad...?



What a gorgeous photo, Santos - love the colors!

hello miss patricia! so lovely to see you here. happy new year!

I am still trying to figure out if this is Tonette's Blog or a friend of Tonette. Your flickr account somehow is linked to a classmate. Just wondering. Hope all is well.

buenas island boy sailor, not tonette's blog, sorry, but possibly her friend's blog, if tonette is caramimi? check out her flickr page, maybe that will help.

thanks for stopping by!

What a lovely picture! Glad to see you back here!

hello botacook, happy new year to you!

Stunning colors and a lovely picture...with not a banana in sight :P

hello anna, that was a really good set up for a rude joke about a banana but i'll refrain for you are a lovely person! but i am still twelve.

orange I glad....you're back! Yes, I am!

hi kirk! glad to be back!