merry, bright.

dark chocolate ice cream with milk chocolate rice crunchies

the simplest of ice cream recipes, as brought to you by the man, made slightly more festive with the addition of milk chocolate covered rice crispy bits. the chocolate coating helps keep the puffy rice crispy, and adds a lovely bit of light texture in this velvety rich ice cream.

if you don't have the powdered milk, you can leave it out. if you don't have an ice cream maker, just pour the mix into a zippered freezer bag, then place in the freezer; squish it about every half hour or so until it has a soft-serve like consistency. to make the chocolate rice crispies, melt a bar of milk chocolate (i find leaving it on my car dashboard to be the most effective method--if that's not in your plans, try one of these methods), add approximately one cup of puffed rice cereal to the slightly cooled chocolate, mixing gently until coated well. spread out onto wax paper or silpat sheet to cool, then fold into the prepared ice cream.


Pink rice krispies! How tsogb!

You are so right. Not having an ice cream maker is no reason for not making ice cream. Even if Ralphs is just a 5 min walk away...

bramble, ha!!

no, you must attempt this. nothing at ralph's can compare....

Ooh, now this looks too yummy.

omg!! look so yammy!!!

So pretty! I love that there's no cream. Yeah, I know it's not low-fat, but I like the idea of getting most of the fat from chocolate so much better! And chocolate-covered rice crispies - yum!

Awesome looking..!! drooling.. ;)

hello acornbud! it's very good. not too sweet, and despite all the pinky cuteness, it's very adult.

yammy yes!

cathy, you really don't miss the cream in this. and if you don't want to bother with covering rice crispies, you can always break up some sort of candy bar with rice crispies in them.

mamabok, hello! you don't need to eat a lot of it to be fulfilled. but you can :)

That looks fabulous!

hi julie, happy holidays! it's very good, easy to do. and oh so very rich

I have written to you before about how impressed I am with your photography -it is superb!

Could you tell me just for interest what camera you use?

hello howard! i'm sorry i missed your earlier comment. i am having a little trouble with my blogger notification service....

i used a lumix lx-2 point and shoot. well, slightly more than point and shoot :) i love it. it's compact, has a wonderful lens, and very forgiving towards my hasty/lazy shooting.

happy holidays to you!