happy (c)hanukkah!

mini dark chocolate chip cheesecake

love that cnn. i was looking up the significance of the jewish holiday, hanukkah, which began last night after sundown (thanks, bramble!), and came across this:

During Hanukkah, Jewish people celebrate the miracle of the tiny bit of oil that miraculously burned for eight days. This miracle is remembered by lighting a menorah for eight days and eating fare cooked in oil or laden with cheese.

um, i think there might be more to it than that. but hey, food is important in religious holidays--that a celebration should include deep fried dough and dairy goodness can only be a good thing, right?

this isn't fried in oil, but it is definitely laden with cheese: a dark chocolate chocolate chip cheesecake from the whimsical bakehouse by kaye and liv hansen. the recipe was adapted from this mocha chocolate chip cheesecake--just omit the espresso. also, all the fiddly decorative bits and chocolate glaze are nice but unnecessary--this cake is good enough on its own. it is creamy, not too sweet, rich, but not too heavy. a lovely addition to any holiday feasting.


your next step is to feed the cheesy goodness to an evil dictator, wait for him to fall into a cheese-induced coma, then cut his head off.

(was hoping to find some beignets here today... preferably in my hands, hint hint.)

you know for ages I've avoided cheesecake (something about cheese in dessert), but I've started having a change of heart. That looks wonderful!

I love cheesecakes.. ;) your look so yummy..!!

bramble, not sufganiot? i can do beignet-ish, soon (checking supply of eggs)

cathy, i've avoided cheesecake too, but this one was really good. i inadvertently added too much cream to the recipe (double the amount, eek), so i don't know how much it changed the recipe, besides having all the choco chips sink to the bottom. it might have made it lighter in texture than it should be, but it's great like that.

mamabok, oh i wish you could taste this one--sooo good!

Oh wow, this looks amazing...I'm stunned!