joining the christmas countdown.

christmas gifts

miss zarah of food and thoughts is in the holiday spirit and planning on offering a new post for the next 24 days. i love the idea of her christmas countdown, but doubt that i can match her largesse. however, it doesn't hurt to try, does it? so, hopefully, for the run up until the 'mas i will attempt to double my output--from one post a week to at least two. >gasp< i know. it's mind-boggling, innit. i've just read that cathy from my little kitchen plans to join in as well--anybody else up for the challenge?


sure... why not.. i'll give it a go. two posts a week sounds do-able. i have loads to share on my christmas crafting. i don't think i can do one per day, however.

Can't quite manage jollility, but will attempt a daily post of cynicism... And perhaps some baking. My aim this winter is to bake a very simple, hopefully idiot-proof, recipe once a week.

toni and bramble, yesssss! all aboard the holiday express!

two per week - I should be able to manage that, though frankly I was thinking more on the order of two or three total. I am on a break after all :) But I will strive for more... now I just gotta come up with some ideas!

i'm sure you'll think of something :)

YAY! More mad people!;)

zarah, it's all your doing :)