podcast alert, still on blog holiday.

hallo my fine nenes, i'm still off the face of greenbanana planet, but climbing my way back up. just wanted to interrupt this blog silence by letting you know that gail and the fine folks at hawaiidiner.com have a great podcast featuring an interview with elizabeth andoh, author "washoku: recipes from the japanese home kitchen." the book seems to be a blogger favourite, and was recently written up in the la times. tune in.


Love your pictures! You used lighting to great effect. I'm posting here because this is the only place with no comment, so you might actually see me.

About your Mango Achar, I've sample some Achar with prawn/peanut chille paste. Would you recommend this?

I love the new layout, very sleek and stylish! Can't wait for you to come back to TSOGB, but it looks like you've been having an awesome holiday (I've been silently lurking on your other blog ;))