santos say relax

chotda say relax!

click on banana to join me in la....

green bananas is going to los angeles for a little summer holiday. i'll still be blogging on my lala blog, third+fairfax, so come on over!


have fun. remember to look both ways before crossing the street

excellent advice. thanks!

Have a fun trip..Santos..!!

Hi S,

Have a great time! I'll e-mail if I'm able to make it up that way again!

Argh DOH! We just left a week ago... Would have been so much fun meeting you!

Welcome to Los Angeles!

Have fun in L.A.! Looking forward to reading your blogs.


hi, long time no see
I didn't look after my world since a few months. I'm trying to come back to it. At any rate, hoping to see you often.

hi santos, happy holidays!

Very nice blog!!

Please, visit my beautiful site.



I just wanted to tell you how much I like your site. I wanted to leave a "welcome to LA" comment! Hope you have fun and eat lots! Please visit my site if you ever get a chance.