"i want to go where nobody knows my name."

outside fishbowl

i don't normally imbibe alcoholic beverages, so therefore i don't have a favourite bar. however, if i did, it might possibly be fishbowl because a) i can walk to it, b) i don't ever read about it in the police blotter, c) it's got a pretty decent outdoor space, and d) i've actually been there *twice* in the past year. repeat business must mean i'm a regular, huh. *snort*

it has been a year or so since i was last there, and physically not much has changed--it's a long, dark room that you must step down into from the entrance, backed by a turquoise-backlit bar, and fronted by a wall of windows, so all activities are evident to the foot traffic outside (hence, the name). there's a pool table in the back, and a small stage for dancing and/or a band. there are a few low, loungey dark sofa groupings besides the bar, and some oddly africanish bits of decor against boldly coloured walls throughout. it is usually cold enough in the bar that it starts raining in the doorway--i guess the condensation helps add to the 'fishbowl' effect.

the the first time i was there, it was just cds softly playing in the background, your basic chill-out, hed kandy/hey-we-could-be-in-ibiza-no-ayia-napa-then mix, with a very young, very glamoo girly crowd ordering very glamoo girly cocktails at $7 a pop. when i went again last night, there was a band expertly, loudly, making its way through a mediocre covers catalog, and a very non-glamoo casual crowd drinking very non-glamoo beers and cocktails that were happily $2 cheaper than the last time i'd been around. last night i discovered that I Am Now Officially Old as the band was too loud (stop that infernal racket!) so i opted to sit out on the front lanai, which is not only covered, but has a good cross breeze going, along with some well-spaced overhead fans. the vibe on the patio is as relaxed as it is inside; i wonder if it ever gets buzzy. maybe when it gets busy :)

oh, i also like it because i didn't recognize a single person in there, nor did anyone recognize me. why is this important? well, let me explain as to why i was there in the first (and second) place. a few years ago, a young german fella--whom i had gone to summer school in massachusetts with when i was thirteen--was on island, and vaguely remembered he had gone to school with an island girl. not really remembering much else, he basically walked into the first place he saw that had the name 'santos' on it, and the helpful folk inside were not only familiar as to who i was, but also supplied him with my home address, work address, work hours, best numbers to contact me, and if that wouldn't work, can we call her parents for you? THANKS, FOLKS. luckily, young german fella is not of the stalker variety, so it was all good, but sometimes i think this island is so small that everyone already knows what i had for breakfast before i've washed my plate (i know what my neighbour had for breakfast yesterday, and i haven't talked to him in two weeks). it's so small that even though german fella x called out of the blue that he'd be on island again, i already knew why he'd be here, where his next appointment was, and what colour underwear his lawyer wears (well, no i don't, but i can guess). anyway, i needed someplace neutral enough the first time to bring him, just in case he turned out to be psycho fella x (he isn't), and took him back again because of convenience's sake. so i guess this is our regular spot.

it's nice to live on an island where i'll always see a friendly, familiar face, but sometimes being incognito (just make a left at incommunicado) is a welcome change. they're still friendly here, just not so familiar.

acanta mall,


That's a funny-yet-scary story. So you're going to Fishbowl to escape feeling like you're living in a fishbowl? I guess it could be annoying/unnerving to be in such a small community, but compared to the oft-chilly anonymity of being in big city, it sounds strangely soothing. I love the neon colors in your photos!

ah, anita, i didn't even think about that. what a cleverboots you are. it's funny, i often take holidays to big cities just so i can experience some of that anonymity! still, it's great for a little while, but it's also good to go home.

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i'd like to be a stalker but it takes too much effort and i'm lazy :(

one hates to keep posting slobberingly fawning comments, but one can't argue with greatness either. there's just so many crap writers out there that it's really thrilling to find the exceptional exception (the clever anita inspired that). meanwhile, i look forward to the day when these life-in-guam entries will be strung together as chapters in a book i can buy.

how did you get such cool night pictures? Is it a digital camera?

ha, bert. i'll make sure to load you up on heavy meals so all you'll want to do is nap :)

tg, i'll write it, but you're reading it for free right now :)

acornbud, it is a digital camera. nikon coolpix S1, relatively inexpensive. i just put it on nighttime setting.

over here you have to pay people to pretend to know you. sad state of affairs in the big city indeed.

oh tokyo goat, that sounds like los angeles! come to guam, i'll make sure that if everyone doesn't know you now, they will know you soon :)

Santos, Ouch. I was in the band. I wish we could have made it a better experience for you. *sigh*

reg, you guys were good! just not my type of music. i like the fishbowl, i like the mix of crowd, i had a good time. just getting old and creaky :)

hi there. do u like totoro too?
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