oslo foodie's last post!

lisa is off to greater adventures, and has sadly decided to discontinue her blog oslo foodie. i have been a fan of hers since close to the beginning, and am sad to see her go, but wish her the best. read lisa's last post, and wish her a fond farewell.


oh no! i will miss oslo foodie!

p.s. i've been reading your la blog... sorry for not commenting recently ...

Hello from down under in New Zealand. Sorry you are losing the foodie blog. I haven't commented for months. I was doing a search and found you again. I have a new blog called Around The World In 80 Blogs if you are interested in been listed under Guam. I already have 3 from USA

I hate it everytime a food blog closes...
If people love food, keep blogging.
Oh well, all the best!

wow, oslo foodie = vaporized. is no more. pouf. (or maybe the link just isn't working for me.)