tapioca pearls

bought these gorgeous multicoloured tapioca pearls because they were gorgeous and multicoloured. really, does there have to be a reason for everything? i saw it, i cooked it, took a photo of it, then i ate it. huzzah!

cooking these large tapioca pearls isn't that difficult, but i find it takes quite a long time. you'll need to boil a large pot of water to a rolling boil (roughly 10:1 ratio of water:tapioca), then add the pearls and wait. stir occasionally to keep them from sticking, then wait some more. after 45 minutes, they should go from looking like almost hatching frog spawn (large opaque center, clear membrane), to just fertilized frog spawn (mostly clear membrane, small opaque center). turn off heat, let sit for another 45 minutes to an hour. strain the pearls, rinse with cool water.


i added half the tapioca pearls to a can of coconut milk in a saucepan, and let it cook over medium low heat to reduce the liquid slightly so the coconut coated the pearls better. after chilling in the fridge, i served them with passionfruit syrup (bottled, m'fraid, but make free to use fresh passionfruit pulp should you be so lucky), and a dribble-drabble of sugar syrup made with palm sugar. cool mo' dee.

tapioca brûlée

the other half was added to a cooked coconut custard sauce made from equal parts coconut milk and heavy cream, egg yolks and palm sugar; all ingredients were mixed together and cooked in a saucepan on low heat until thickened. first i spooned in a little of the passionfruit syrup into a glass, then added the tapioca custard mix, and left them in the fridge to cool completely. once out of the ref, i sprinkled palm sugar on the top in an even layered and torched them with my lovely non-paul haig torchomatic device. as i am wont to do. a highly enjoyable activity. a highly enjoyable dessert.


Ah aha, I would have done the same, the colours were too inviting!
Lovely post!

santos... never cooked these colourful tapiocas I saw them at the asian store.

but nah I wont touch frogs spawn not too fancy to scoop and think those slippery eggs euch....

playing fire are we... torching dessert is your way of busting stress hahaha

can i try this recipe and see if I can master this tapioca fun.
out of topic
friends asked me for that ensaimada opps

I've never seen these tapioca perls before! I would have bought them even not knowing what they were... :D


I came across your blog by chance. (I had Googled 'image, coconut'.

Your foodie pics are amazing. It makes a person want to dive right in.
I hope to try some of the recipes.

The colorful pearls are so cute!

Those are wonderful - what fun! Time to pay a visit to the asian food store and see what's new...

I really think that you take great pictures and I enjoy them very much. Can I ask which brand of digital camera you are using?
Thank you.

sago! wow! you take really gorgeous pictures...they make me hungry.

multicoloured! so pretty! hehe dont suppose each color tasted any different?

Never been keen on the tapioca pearls except in gula melaka .. which your 1st recipes kind of resembles. Am liking the coconut custard recipe ... yums!

The close up of the tapioca is utterly stunning...terrific photo! Couldn't read the post properly, kept returning to the photo!

hi bea, it's cheaper than real pearls, too.

sha, it's only a matter of time before i take the torch out. did your friend like the ensaimada?

marcela, there isn't even any directions on the packet, so it would be interesting to see what you would do with them :)

hello aya, did you find an image of a coconut somewhere? :) thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment, i appreciate it.

ooishigirl, i love colourful food!

cathy, let me know what you find!

anon, i use a nikon coolpix s1 which is small and affordable. i like the look of photos from nikons and i also like cameras that don't look like cameras.

hi robs! thank you! please stop by again sometime.

suze, wouldn't that be crazy wonderful? unless it was like, avocado and dirt flavoured.

mm, i love tapioca in desserts, but most of the western ones aren't very tasty to me, and i don't know too many asian ones--i'll try all of them!

hey marketman, thanks! it was very tasty too, easy enough to make as well.

A highly enjoyable entry! Sago at its finest!

Those pearls are so pretty!!!
like muti colored jin-ju's right?
(the ones in milk teas..)

hi toni, love the stuff.

hi anon, you're right--it's the same stuff, only not scary black :)

Hi Santos, Those XXL tapioca pearls look so cool. I haven't seen them in our local Asian stores, let alone used them, but I'm intrigued. In my (very) early days my mom used to make Rote Grütze (not sure if there is a literal translation: "red groats") it essentially comprises a delicious, chilled fruit stew.

oh, oliver, i've completely forgotten about rote grütze, it's been many years since i've eaten it. the first one i ever tried had red currants in it, of which i am very fond. i would love to see your take on it one day.

your pics are beautiful. just bought the lage colored pearls yesterday. going to make tapioca custard tonight for the kids. my granddad used to call it fish eyes and glue. told my kids, so they're afraid to eat. (no sense of humor, i guess)hope the colors make the difference.

anon, i don't know whether i should laugh or sympathize. i hope the kids get over the fish eyes and glue comment!