knife and jelly


c'est très beau !

That is beautiful, I agree. But what is it? A Jello? Very neat.

Nice!! What is it???

Would these perhaps be suited to add to a drink with your previous round beauties?

I'm craving bubble tea!

It looks like lattice jello. How did you cut them so small without destroying the detail?

santos, ive been thinking about doing this with the sweet basil seeds ive had. this would be nice in a creamy beverage.

I believe this is 'gulaman' or the local gelatin?? Did you make 'gulaman at sago' - our local summer drink in Manila? Thanks, the color is quite refreshing.

hi everyone! it is gulaman, or the local gelatin, which is made from carageenan, so it's vegan. this one is pandan-flavoured which i did add to tapioca pearls (sago).

Beautiful shot!!!

Is that gulaman? :)

oops i just read your post ahead of mine, haha!

What a really nice colour !

This is an amazing picture!

Thats a lovely green. What is it ? What is it used for ?Thanks.

hi toni, jennifer, and robs--i love gulaman. it's pretty and cheap.

spicehut, it's pandan flavoured, green-tinted gulaman, which is a seaweed-derived gelatin.

Omg, whatever that green goo is, I wanna make it myself!!!

woah! i love this pic so much!