chirashi for hina-matsuri.

chirashi, kokeshi

chirashi sushi, or "scattered sushi": sushi rice--mixed with boiled lotus root, shredded carrot, brown enoki mushroom, and bamboo shoots--topped with shredded egg omelette, salmon roe, salmon, prawns, pickled ginger, and um, some boiled mountain greens. i regret to say that i didn't make this myself, but it was a special bento from my favourite japanese supermarket/deli, tokyo mart. it was offered in honour of hina-matsuri on friday, march 3rd. hina-matsuri means "doll's festival", and it is meant to celebrate young girls' health and happiness.

i don't really know why chirashi is considered typical food for this festival; i would imagine it's because it's fresh, healthy, and colourful. is there more?

the dolls pictured above are not the type of doll, hina ningyo, brought out for the festival. those are considerably more ornate and formal. however, given the spirit of the festival, these kokeshi make a lovely standby, and are no less welcome.


How beautiful! and yummy-looking, too.

You're making me hungry! I heart scatter sushi rice - there's something about it that makes me want to eat bowls and bowls of it! i think it's the lazy side of me - it's like a deconstructed hand roll.

OH MY how did u take such marvellous pictures?
it's droolworthy ;)

hi kathleen, it was very yummy. the nice thing about chirashi is you can pick whatever you like for the topping.

hi bex, i'm the same way--i could eat bowls and bowls of it. i like that description--it is a deconstructed hand roll!

hi missnerdberd, with a camera :D actually, it's good looking food, i didn't have to do much.

this sushi thingie has just arrived here in athens recently.

i have not been to any sushi places here though, save that when i go back to london...

got one of those dolly bro in law goes to japan for his work and brought me one. its standing next to the shelf with asian cookbooks

or maybe u have a superb cam! :D lovely indeed!


hi sha! really? no sushi until now?! wow, that's sort of crazy, but i guess it's understandable. no. no it's not! there's rice, there's fish there--they could have put it together sooner.

hi missnerdbird, my camera's very ordinary, just a nikon coolpix S1. not too expensive, not too fancy.

hi preya, it was!

I love your blog!!!!! Where did you get your kokeshis?

hi anon! jun gifts--great selection!