saffron-infused white chocolate petit fours

saffron petit fours

'twas miss saffron's 26th birthday last week, and i promised her a cupcake for the occasion. she specifically requested something with saffron syrup, but having never worked with a syrupy cupcake before, i've decided to spend a little more time to think about it, and in the meantime i give you this: sponge cake squares dipped in a saffron-cardamom syrup, then coated with a saffron-infused white chocolate ganache. just a petite bite to whet your appetite.


hi..just dropping by..i am not really a big fan of sweet goodies..but when i saw these...as my kid puts it..the pictures are talking!![referring to that kodak ad]...nice one you got here..

oh thank you ms. santos. you are magic!

Just beautiful... how do you dream this stuff up? Saffron is another one of those flavors that I have trouble conjuring up and wouldn't recognize if I didn't have any visual hints. I've never had it in anything sweet.

Hi Santos,

Saffron cardamom syrup sounds interesting. What was the flavor like? I'm curious now!

hi diychef! thanks for stopping by--i'll be perusing your blog soon.

hi saffron--happy birthday! i still owe you a cupcake.

hi cathy and reid--you know, i couldn't really taste the saffron, but i could smell it. although i can't really describe the smell. it's slightly musty and a bit twiggy. sort of like a very faint spicy-woodsy smell--cedar, maybe. or frankincense.

wow, are these mail-able to those who beg? :P

seany g! big g, if you can figure out a way to send it with minimal damage, i will gladly post away.