last cupcake stop for 100 miles.

red fruits cupcake 1

last cupcake for the time being: a classic sponge cake with a bit of fresh strawberry and raspberry on a whipped white chocolate ganache cloud. adapted from a recipe in annie bell's gorgeous cakes (they are!), into cupcake-sized morsels.

the ganache was easy--just make a white chocolate ganache, cool in the refrigerator, then whip until soft peaks just begin to form. it's like a more sumptuous, richer whipped cream.

bonus: i had a bit of leftover ganache, so i folded in some of the crushed berries, added a touch of redcurrant jam for a lovely red fruits and white chocolate mousse. even if it's not summer where you are, you can pretend it is for as long as this lasts....

red fruit mousse


You know what? I don't believe you. I don't think you can stop making cupcakes - you've gone cupcake MAD!

As have I! Ain't it grand?;-)

Santos, whenever i read your blog, I wish that technology would hurry up and make tv and computer screens like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, so i can reach in and grab your cupcakes! yum!

that teeny weeny raspberry polka dot bikini remains a table cloth in my house after reading your blog.

Unfff I'm hungry now ;-)

hi zarah! i can stop. for now :)

hey bex--i haven't seen c+c prozac factory yet, was it any good?

saffron, you must have a *very* small table.

jim--me too.

I liked C&C factory movie very much. Johnny Depp ROCKS! (in a slightly creepy but very funny way). Two thumbs up. How could you miss out on a movie with chocolate in it?!

sad, yes? i do have the lunchbox though.

Dear Santos,
Please, continue making cupcakes!!!

bonjour cécile! i must oblige you for such a sweet request :)