espresso cup(cake)s and espresso bars

espresso cup(cake)s

yellow cake cupcakes with espresso buttercream, with un chicchi di café, and spongebar squarecakes of the same nature, only with less buttercream for the sugar overloaded. okay, not truly a sponge, but very light and fluffy, yet nicely moist and sweet. for those of you who are tired of the cupcakes, have no fear, i've finally found a yellow cake recipe i like (footnote explains how to make it a yellow cake). for those of you who are aren't saturated in buttercream yet, there's always chocolate, carrot, pumpkin, coconut, etcetera, etcetera, wheeee!

the buttercream was inspired by oslo foodie's recent foray into baking, only i used a non-french buttercream recipe (which is egg based), as frighteningly enough, a tray of eighteen eggs doesn't last very long in the cupcake kitchen....come to think of it, neither do the cupcakes.

espresso bars


First of all. Sorry for came to your blog without your permision.
I was looking for some food pic in google and then found your blog.
God is everything perfect, so nice and delicious. I hope you don´t mind to have me commenting your blog.

I was expecting these and they are even more gorgeous than I imagined they would be! God job, Santos, :).

Wow! They look incredible. -Flourish

Hi Santos,

The buttercream frosting sounds great (and looks good too!). I can imagine how sinfully rich it must be...almost like the chantilly frosting from Liliha Bakery!

The photos make these desserts look so tempting right now.

Oh..Santos..! you make the most pretty cupcakes..!!

the cupcakes look really cool.

yummy! the espresso bars look like something i would want to rest my head on = so soft and fluffy! love your work ms. santos

hola erick, muito obrigado (y beijos :))

hi oslofoodie--thanks for the idea! i'll have to try your version of buttercream soon. must buy more eggs.

hi flourish--they tasted nice too!

hi reid--you know, i've been wanting to do that chantilly from liliha for awhile. only thing is it's been over a year since i last had it; i'll have to make a trip over there to test it out so i can figure out the recipe ;ˆ)

hi mamabok! maybe one day i can make some for you and babybok :ˆ)

hi damien--thanks! i've been enjoying your blog. great job!

hi saffron--thanky m'dear, they were luverly flufferly. be on the lookout for something for you....

santos - perhaps one day you could do a 'day in the life behind the blog'. I want to see all the behind the scenes work that produces your awesome entries. I secretly think that you have a stylists on hand, and lighting crew...but then I'm probably just envious of your great cooking and camera work. hehe.

hi bex! omg, nooooo. i mean, do you really want to know that i just put the cake is on a piece of discount kitchen paper towel, and set on top of my microwave? no magic there :D

the magic of guam sunlight perhaps? Donna Hay eat your heart out!

bex! more like doughnut, hey :)

espresso + cupcakes = perfection. You are the Queen of Cupcakes, Santos.

Those look crazy!!! Love 'em!

Oh my god o_o That is.

I am speechless. o_o

You are my hero. o.o

Oh my god o_o That is.

I am speechless. o_o

You are my hero. o.o