sesame asparagus

sesame asparagus 1

simple and tasty: asparagus wrapped in prosciutto, dipped in an egg wash, then covered in sesame seeds and baked until toasty brown. is paraphrasing a recipe i found in a cookbook i can't remember whilst browsing at the bookstore copyright infringement? probably. but here you go: wrap thinly sliced pork or ham around stalks of asparagus, dredge in flour, dip in an egg wash, roll in sesame seeds, and bake on high heat or broil for 5-10 minutes. serve with japanese mustard (with soy sauce if you don't use ham).


this is great santos. copyright infringment be damned!

now i wish i could remember the name of the book. i think i may buy it.

Hi there, I got here from following your ice candy recipe or post link[grin]. Anyway, I was just looking for a recipe on how to make ice-candies, I love them too. I am a Filipina eh, residing in Roseville, MI U.S.A. I thought I'd leave my footprints here, so you know I've been here[smile]. No taggy board, so I had to leave my message here, i hope you don't mind. Your blog is great, very resourceful of info.

Fantastic idea!

"Asparagus, asparagus... put it on your table. Asparagus, asparagus... it'll please your Aunt Mabel!"

looks great! I wrap beef slices around asparagus and bake/grill them.

hi ana! thanks for stopping by! come back anytime :)

hi gloop! and i'm pleased to please mah aunt mabel.

hi mumu! ooh, i like that too.

Yum! It reminds me of this appetizer I've had... lovely asparagus bundles wrapped in bacon, drizzled with melted butter, sprinkled with brown sugar and baked in a casserole dish.

Just wanted to say hi & thank you for your blog. I am a restaurant owner in Northern Indiana. The restaurant is called Noa Noa. A lot of tropical & a lot of fresh seafood. I love your passion for food. It shows in how you write about it. Thanks Again, Scott

hi bunny! bacon, butter, *and* brown sugar?! wow, i have to try that!

hi scott! thanks for the kind words. i'll have to stop by if i'm ever in warsaw (it's entirely possible).

What a wonderful blog you've created with delicious, descriptive, and insightful observations and gorgeous images. I want to taste everything! I'm attending a Christmas party in a couple days and need to fit into my party dress. So, after that I'm going to try this recipe, that comforting mozzarella en carrozza and many more of your suggestions. CAN NOT WAIT!