jello de los muertos :)

skully pannacotta

panna cotta with fresh figs, raspberries, pomegranate seeds (oh persephone!), with a fresh mint syrup.

happy halloween and días de los muertos to you all!

a little something more about días de los muertos.


Wow, that is fabulous! I did tons of sugar skulls and some chocolate skulls this year, but your idea was great.

Did you use a gelatin-based recipe to set the skulls up? I'd love to knwo how you molded them.

Good God, woman! You. Are. Brilliant.

hi s&b--i did use a gelatin based recipe, but i've had success in the past with agar agar. you can also try haupia, which is coconut milk and corn starch (reid has a recipe).

i used the largest sugar skull mold i could find. next year, i hope to make a full skull, but that would be a lot more pannacotta than one serving, so i'll have to use a smaller mold.

hi moira! nah, just bored.

the photograph, the colors, and the composition are completely stunning!!
beautiful! :)

Wow, that's a great photo. I'd be afraid to eat it though, it might bite me back!

I love it! Very inventive...

hi kou kou, kirk and jennifer! i was afraid it would look a little grateful dead, not so día de los muertos. i hope it's a little like those dutch still life paintings, a little gothic and freaky. and yet happy and tasty. heee.

This is the product of boredom? It's brilliant? When I'm bored I usually end up reading celebrity gossip or playing with my dolls.

So much better than that head made of meat.

oh my god, shukumei--celebrity rags, dolls and heads of meat? i want to hang out with you.

oh wait. i'm slow. you mean this? it's made of milk. i thought *you* made heads of meat.

sorry santos! the head of meat i was referring to was something like this

lots of people link to it around this time of year. i'd rather eat a sweet skull.

(i want to hang out with you too!)

ah, my mistake. that's the first i've seen of that head o'meat, and hopefully the last. eyuuuch!

I sure would have loved to have seen this on a table on Halloween night. Seeing as how we're both from the same place, I was wondering if you were down the street. But it seems as if you're no longer on our piece of paradise. Shucks for me because I would love to delve into all the sweet concoctions you create here! I will be making return visits, for sure! Adios..(:

hallo osw--still here. maybe not down your street, but still here.

You are too much! :-D