poppy seeds stars

poppyseed stars

poppy seed stars, adapted from "dough" by richard bertinet. whimsical, and oh so easy to make, using your favourite dough recipe.

making the bun

coat the top of a roll-sized ball of dough with water then dip in poppyseeds. cut a star pattern through the dough with a sharp edge of a pastry scraper.

making the bun 2

push through the star cut, and flip the points out. lay on the baking sheet poppyseed side up, leave to rise and bake as directed.


Oh, pretty! That's one of those ideas which should have come to me naturally (and which, of course, didn't. I am terrible at being creative with dough). It's on the list for things to impress the family with at Christmas.

i know! i thought to myself, hey why didn't i think of this? but that's why i don't have my own book :)