chockylit and zucchini's chocolate mini-cupcakes

mini chocolate cupcakes

one (or two or three) for the weekend: almost flourless valrhona chocolate mini-cupcakes with a squidge of double cream and fresh raspberry. my take on the fabulous chockylit's take on the inimitable clotilde's chocolate cake.

follow the links to the recipe, but bake for 10 minutes only, then keep in the oven for 10 minutes with the door closed before removing them to cool. so very simple, and i promise you, one of the best chocolate cupcakes (mini or otherwise) you'll ever have.

mini chocolate cupcakes 1



hi mama bok--they look like little jewels....

Hi Santos,

You seem to be on a major cupcake fix these days...how interesting.

I like cupcakes because it's so much easier to control the portion sizes. That way, I won't get carried away...well, maybe if they were bite-sized like these I might. =)

i shall try these because i have a nice block of 70% chocolate to use!

your work is gorgeous as usual!

hi santos! oooohhh i'm melting for these. they look like...Queen Elizabeth I somehow heehee...lovely!

That top shot is fantastic, Santos.

hi santos, what a bevy of bejewelled beauties...i have been lusting after this tiered petit four tray for ages and you've just given me yet another reason why i simply must go acquire it pronto...perfect little cakes need perfect little abode!

Cupcake mama! You go girl!

hi all! happy halloweenie to all! i say use up that chocolate and buy that petit four tray--this recipe's worth it :D

Valrhona chocolate mini-cupcakes!! Yummm...

Gosh, Santos, you are baking lots of cupcakes/muffins these days!!! Impressive!

Oh my! Those are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing, Santos. You do such lovely work.

hello amber, pille and mm! i'm having fun :)

terrific posting, wonderful links, all-round excellent blogging today!

my lips are salivating, they look super delicious! i just got a mini muffin pan and can't wait to follow that link!

hi tg--thanks for such high praise! not sure it's deserved, but i'll take it :D

hi maria--don't forget that the baking time is only 10 minutes, then turn off the oven and leave the tray in for 10 minutes to cool slowly so they don't collapse (they'll still taste great though). i used a squeezy bottle to fill the cups--much less messy. have fun!

I love the liners! It definitely helps in the presentation!


hi chloe--aren't those such a lovely shade of red? the local restaurant supply place has white liners and these red ones. chocolate looks so attractive in them.