out of the pink and into the blue.

blueberry muffins

ah, where is bramble when i need her? probably in the lab. okay, kiddies, a half-remembrance from high school science: litmus is pink in acidic solution and blue in basic solution. i needed a recipe to use up some blueberries, i found a basic solution in elise's blueberry muffins. nothing too fancy, nothing too difficult, something quite delicious. thanks, elise!


Hi Santos, you are very welcome! Great photo, by the way. Makes me want to eat them right off the page.

ive been awake since two finishing up a report for work. i would love to have a batch at my desk with some strong coffee... and a little sleep time. alas, one hour to go and ill be done. shall try making these soon - home made blueberry muffins are always much nicer than store bought.

There's more cupcakes?? Or am I just seeing double and in different colors and sizes and shapes? Must. stop. smoking. weed. Oh wait, is it okay to say weed on a nice blog like this?:-) (and no, of course I don't smoke weed, silly!)

hi elise--it's a great recipe, i'll definitely use it again.

hi saffron--i'll bet if i try to send some to you, they'd get seized in customs like the last package i sent to anthony....

zarah--must. stop. smoking. salmon. :D

argh! you have that cute retro sugar bin. i have been admiring the tea canister (and the laundry detergent tub and the...) in all their lovely shades.

hi bowb! ooh, how many colours? we can only get blue and cream here.

My absolute favourite, blueberry cupcakes and muffins. Yours are so gorgeous, Santos...

That's a great photo, Santos. And I'm laughing from the smoking salmon comment!

Seize them! Seize them!

Yes we sees them!

Neil Young. Neat.

hey OF, and nic, too--tell me, tell me true--what's the difference between a cupcake and a muffin?

anthonnnny my my hey hey

you be right. (and yes, i was/am in the lab)

found a recipe for homemade litmus paper involving cabbage... challenge: to make an acid/alkali-sensitive cupcake!!!

Aaaah Santos, let me put my thinking cap on: Cup cakes = mini cakes (and if I have my ways they're all pink topped or with blueberries). And usually sweet. I have never had any savoury cupcakes, has anyone?? Muffins are not iced and it can be savoury and more dense in texture. We have plenty of muffins here in Norway at the cafes, but strangely enough I haven't seem much cupcakes. You know why? Because nobody here can tell the difference either ;). So there you go, back to square one. (Lisa's putting her thinking cap back in the fridge).

bramble, what a craaazystupid idea. i HAVE to do it!

dunno, lisa, sounded like a good enough explanation to me.