chapter 10.25: in which santos finds she is baking a lot of cupcakes these days.

pink cupcake

"Pooh," he said, "Christopher Robin is giving a party."
"Oh!" said Pooh And then seeing that Owl expected him to say something else, he said,
"Will there be those little cake things with pink sugar icing?"
Owl felt that it was rather beneath him to talk about little cake things with pink sugar icing, so he told Pooh exactly what Christopher Robin had said, and flew off to Eeyore.

simply a simple vanilla cupcake (recipe from simply bill, natch) with pink buttercream. go visit jessica, because she quotes similarly, yet not so owlishly.

pink cupcakes


I have got to say something again, another one that OsloFoodie would enjoy! Pink butter cream, I canNOT think of anything better than that. You really made me miss baking ;).

Oh thank you! I thought that quote looked familiar :) Since it is Cupcake Cottage I really need to make some cupcakes!


The cupcakes are very charming! :D

Cupcakes are quite perfect! They fit just so, and I think they taste even better when pink!

FireWaterHusband wants to know how to bake. But he'll get an oven first.

Those swirls, they hypnotize him.

Very pretty. Iced cupcakes always have a way of making you smile, no?

PS. Congrats on your little mention in the Melbourne Age's Epiure section.Hurray for foodbloggers! You've been linked at the end too.

Pretty in pink!

Stupid question: how do you make pink buttercream?

hi lisa! it's getting cooler though, perhaps you wouldn't mind turning on the oven now :)

hi jessica--everyone needs more cupcakes (except me, really), especially cupcake cottage!

hi milwimper! they are, aren't they? i wasn't expecting them to turn out so sweetly, but they did, despite my normally churlish behaviour towards buttercream frosting.

hi mcauliflower! i like that pink cupcakes taste pink, you know?

hi sky! (laughing) yes, an oven will help. i wonder though, there must be ways of making cupcakes without an oven. hmmm, i smell a challenge!

hi gloop! yes, they do, don't they.

how freakish is it that i got a mention? had no idea, thanks for letting me know!

the pooh reference makes me want to go have a few bambinos so that i can read kids stories and feed cupcakes to. Heh.

hi bramble! how did i miss you? how to make a pink buttercream: tell it an off-colour joke, and watch it blush! (guffaw, must be shot--now)

actually, just make a normal buttercream (the one i use the most is 250g unsalted butter, softened, mixed in with 450g of powdered icing sugar--it will come out crumbly, so add milk in slowly until it is a consistency you like, and a teaspoon of vanilla extract or whatever flavour you wish), but tint it with just a few drops of red food colouring. or in this case, beet juice.

hi saffron, you don't need kids for that.

I'm dreaming in pink butter cream... oooooooohhhhh.... that looks soooooo good!

Woman! You're driving me cupcake mad!! And I LOVE IT!!:-)

toni--i'm sleeping on a cloud of pink buttercream...wait. that's my belly. yike.

zarah, zarah, just you wait.

Hi S,

How fun! What size tip did you use to pipe the frosting on top of the cupcakes? Looks like something that I'd like to use for meringue.

The cupcakes look deliciously sweet!

Congrats on the mention! =) You're a superstar now! Can I have your autograph?

hi reid! i believe it is for meringues. it's the biggest tip i could find, and it's one of only two decorating tips i own, so you'll see it a lot :)

i had no idea that i would be in that article, i'll bet the author just looked for the one blogger stuipd enough to use the word "foodblogista" then laughed and laughed when she found one :D