bowb's lamingtons

raging yoghurt lamingtons saturated

bowb brought forth the challenge, and this is my response: a matcha green tea sponge cake lamington, with a red bean and double cream filling, lightly coated with a smooth red bean paste and dessicated coconut. i simply added a few teaspoonfuls of matcha powder to a standard sponge cake recipe baked in a square pan, cooled it, cut it in half and spread double cream on one side, and a chunky red bean paste on the other, then sandwiched the halves together and froze the cake for easier handling. i cut the cake into cubes, spread a thin layer of smooth red bean paste on all sides, then rolled it in dessicated coconut.

inside raging yoghurt lamington

deelish. i woulda never have thunk it, so i'm glad she did. hope it meets your standards, cakelet queen!


Those are beautiful! I want a lamington. Of any flavor! MRAAH! There's a restaurant I want to go to that makes em...soommmeday I shall go.

hurray, you made it! what a lovely shade of green! and that enormous redbean in the filling is most enticing. :)

Yum! Looks dee-lish. What next? Green tea pavlova? =)

robyn--i have to say that i am now a lamington lovin' convert. it was a revelation, this fresh lamington business. i'll have to make more. SOON.

hi oslofoodie! you would, you would. it's very much an oslofoodie food.

hi bowb! thanks for the challenge, it was a fantastic one.

hi gloop! hmmmmm...now if only i could create a perfect meringue base, i'm so crap at that. i will give it a try. (rusty cogs churning) hm. i have an idea....stay tuned!

hello again! i have found the pavlova recipe in stephanie alexander's big book to be very successful, even for a first time meringue maker such as myself.

well done! these look magnificent. i could eat one of these with this cup of tea right about now.

i had problems with the matcha icing, and ended up giving the lamington to bowb in parts. i am going to have another go in a couple of days. wish me luck!

thanks, bowb, i will definitely give that a go. i have her book, but i've been using it as a doorstop lately, it's so darned big.

you don't need luck, saff, i know you'll do well. can't wait to see what you'll create.

Oi, Have you heard about your mention in an Aussie paper? Between the lamingtons and the pavolva, I think you are ready to be a naturalised citizen of this brown country :)

Glorious! Subterfuging the dominant anglo historical narrative!

saffron, as long as i don't get deported to a country where i'm not a citizen, that's alright by me :)


oh, we tend to deport our own people too. usually we send you off to some asian country, or put you in a mental hospital. all i say is, thank god for lamingtons and crown princess mary. meh.