in for a penny....

the pumpkin patch 1

yes, i know, but i said. devil's food cupcakes with a standard buttercream and pumpidypumpidy candy pumpkins.


ooh... you beat me to it. i bought some of those pumpkin sweeties yesterday, intending to do the same...

apropos use of cupcake recipe. i like!

there's an awful lot of fine looking cupcakes around here these days!!!

your cupcakes are always so cute and unique!

Sometimes I lament the fact we in Australia don't do Halloweem.

hi bramble--shouldn't let this stop ya--you've seen mine, now let me see yours :)

hi cathy--this isn't even the half of it, but i think i need a break. making my teeth ache.

hi chockylit, you're so sweet to say that--my cupcakes merely aspire to be like yours!

oh kate, that is a tragedy. it's one of our biggest holidays here on island. maybe you can just spook the neighbours?

hi santos...gorgeous cupcakes. inspired by ur recent posts, i made a batch of white choclate n pistachio cupacakes with buttercream icing n candied orange peels. well da cake was wonderful. but da icing was pathetic: it jus wudn't hold da shape n sort of formed a layer of glaze. can u plz giv me good recipes 4 buttercream n frosting?

hello anahita--my current favourite buttercream recipe is here. it's a chocolate buttercream, but if you take out the cocoa, and add a teaspoonful of vanilla, it works well. you might have to add more milk to get it to a consistency you like. add the milk a teaspoonful at a time, or it might get too soft. if it does, try sticking it in the refrigerator for awhile, that will help firm it up. i also like using whipped chocolate ganache as a chocolate frosting, but i've been a little short of bittersweet chocolate these days, so i haven't posted any cupcakes with it yet. good luck!