garlic e-scape-ade

a few months ago, mcauliflower did a post about a tuna sandwich with garlic whistles, which is another name for garlic scapes (coincidentally, one of pille's first posts was about scapes). i rather liked the idea of tuna and garlic scapes together, but i decided to put a little green 'nanas twist on it.

tuna tartare

perversely, fresh tuna is often cheaper here than canned tuna, so i paired my scapes with fresh tuna belly in a sort of tuna tartare. i mixed a rough mince of tuna and garlic scapes with just the lightest binding of japanese mayonnaise, sesame oil, and chili oil, with a wedge of lime to brighten up the flavours. the scapes worked perfectly here, as regular garlic would have overpowered the tuna, and added a nice crunch.


in case you aren't lucky enough to have some tuna belly on hand, you can always use a poke-grade tuna or tuna loin. if you use the heartier cut, you can always turn the leftovers into a nice tuna burger: form the mixture into a tight patty, and grill until both sides are nicely browned, but the center remains pinky rare. serve with more of the japanese mayonnaise mixed with the sesame and chili oils, or a sriracha-style garlic chili sauce.


That tuna tartare made with tuna belly sounds amazing...something I would really love! A little like the spicy tuna salad I get at Japanese restaurants here (sans the garlic scapes though :( i wonder if I can find them here... )

Excellent use! I'm such a sucker for poke with sesame crackers.


i was starving before i read this and am thus destroyed. must go now. must. find. tuna.

Hi there. I always check you out, even when I don't leave a comment. This one is so lovely, the colors are mesmerizing. Food porn alright. More please.

hi joey--welcome back! your photos from egypt are great. i think you can find the garlic stems from a chinese market, that's where i got mine. i remember seeing some once a few years ago at that organic market that was in greenbelt, but i think they've moved....

hi mcauliflower! thanks for the inspiration.

hey tg--any luck? ;)

hi thebee--thanks for stopping by!

Thanks Santos for the tip! They say the old organic market in Greenbelt has moved to Legaspi village and I have been planning to check it out...if not will check out a chinese market...thanks again! :)

Your tartare sounds great and your picture induces instant mouth-watering...

hi joey! let me know if you find them.

hi megwoo! it's a nice light meal on a warm day.

That's a beautiful photograph. The clarity just knocks me out. I wrote about tuna sashimi yesterday, then had seared ahi tuna tonight. Your entry creates a troika for me. Great job!

hi shauna! i just read your lovely reminiscence over the first time you ate sushi, fantastic job, i could totally see it in my head.

seared ahi, you say? tell me more!

Santos - that raw tuna & garlic scape combination is gorgeous!!
And sorry for being no less than 2 years (khm) late with my comment..