garlic scapes

garlic scapes

garlic scapes, the stalk of hardnecked garlic (allium sativum). lovely and light.

garlic scapes 2


And lovely just simply stir-fried. Ours went out of season a while ago. I miss them.

Nice photo Santos.


I remember sampling some pesto at the farmer's market that made with these, which was really good. How do you use them?

hello miss pim! unfortunately, our season is just about to end. if i'm really craving them i can get them here frozen, which is definitely not the same as fresh, but seem to hold up well to stir-frying.

hiya cathy! as pim mentioned, stir-frying is what we usually do around here, but i'd wanted to try a pesto. i'm not sure, though, i think i may have gotten the last of this season's crop, so i'll have to wait. i used these in a tartare, i'll put up the post soon :)

Hi Santos,

Are these garlic chives? I had some stir-fried with tofu the other night.

hi reid! i think garlic chives are the flat, tender ones. these are a firm, hollow stem that comes from certain types of garlic, but the taste is pretty much the same, although the texture is much crunchier.

I am in upstate-NY amd harvest hundreds of pounds of scapes off my organic garlic and sell them at market. We eat these in many ways but a simple and quick saute is the easiest and very flavorful. Pesto is also excellent.

We however have pickled these and they are wonderful! The Sacramento Bee (California) published an article about these last month as one of the 10 "must-dos" in the Finger Lakes of NY.....8>))

Know what these remind me of? The fake long & curled fingernails of the Menora dancers!