how to make a clump of mushrooms happy.

white bunapea mushroom

white buna-shimeji mushrooms, hypsizygus tessulatus, common name: beech mushrooms.

happy white buna-shimeji mushrooms.

(thanks jkoshi!:))


ahhahahahhah!!! Nice one!

Hahhahahaha!! too cute..!!!


ROFL! Oh I LOVE that!

hiya everyone! i nearly did a spit take when i saw it. jkoshi's the best!

Hi Santos,

That is soooo funny!

i like that even the siamese twins are happy :)

My son would love this:)I must think about anything other instead of mushrooms for him to use idea;)

hi dilek--how about cupcakes or fruit?

goshhhh, dats so cuteee!!i like..i like

Ate, this is so funny and cute! Tee hee hee! The mushrooms DO look happy! :-D

gosh so ADORABLE!

Sweet and funny:)

how adorable is that!? :) so cute!

heeeee, we are all happy mushrooms.

OH, that's fabulous!! Thanks for the laugh.

hi santos, that's hysterical ;p...and i never thought enoki were the cutest of shrooms...cheers,j