imbb 17: matcha cotton candy floss with earl grey-scented candied rose petals

what to do for imbb 17, what to do....

afroken apple tree + B000068EY1.01._SCLZZZZZZZ_ =

matcha cotton candy floss

1 cup granulated sugar, or superfine sugar
2-3 tablespoonfuls matcha green tea powder

whizz around in a food processor until mixed and fine. use in machine as directed.

earl grey scented candied rose petals

candied rose petals
one canister high quality loose earl grey tea (i recommend mariage frères earl grey imperial or any chado earl grey)

mix petals in with tea in airtight container for a week. fish out when needed (or leave in tea for a lovely rosy earl grey brew).

thanks, clement! i had a lot of fun.



Ha! Brilliance.

Nice fairy floss maker.

Santos - that is CRAAZY! I love Afro Ken...now with edible afro! Genius.

Wow - your imagination (and, I have to agree with Anthony, brilliance) never ceases to amaze me. I still haven't done anything about trying to put my hands on some matcha powder, so it is still an unfamiliar flavor, but this is absolutely beautiful!

I remember using a friend's cotton candy maker when I was little. Like the Easy Bake oven, that was a toy my mother would never have allowed in the house. In fact at least once we actually did use it at my house, but we were relegated to the garage!

Fantastic. Love the 'fro too.

Hi Santos,

Only you would think of something so fun and clever.

BTW...where did you get the cotton candy maker from?

hi santos, it's simply perfect and utterly brilliant, as always...love mariage freres teas too, especially their estate darjeelings...cheers,j

Just when I think you've can't be any more fabulous, you create this. Just go on with your bad self, Ms. Santos.


Cool!!! Didnt know you could get your very own cotton candy machine! How much the a machine like that cost?

-Makan kings-

Santos, that is totally brilliant and creative. I love Afro Ken and the rose petals.

oh lovely! thats gorgeous. absolutely brilliant. i am beyond impressed.

This just made me smile. What a fun entry!

Brilliant! Totally brilliant :)

How did it taste?

Really cute..Santos..!! i love it..so funny..!!

hi man that cooks! floofy too.

hi bex! rather belatedly i realized i should've photographed it on afroken's head.

hi cathy--i remember a cotton candy machine somewhere in the neighbourhood when i was growing up. i definitely had more fun playing with that than the easy bake oven!

hi aggygloop--the 'fro is fierce!

hi reid! it was in the clearance aisle of a local toy store, but they had a couple other brands--this one, however, (by rose art) was the cheapest even when not on sale, and the only one with a splash guard. it gets dismal reviews, but it worked okay for me. kb toys has it for sale for $24, and amazon has it for $27.

hi j--i absolutely *love* mariage freres estate darjeelings as well. i'm trying to wean myself off of caffeine, but i reckon a good cuppa is called for everyone now and again :)

hi moira! mad props to you as well, sistah.

hi makan kings--this was on sale for $20, but its original price is $27. there are other brands that are more expensive, but i don't know if they work any better than this one. i hear nostalgia brand cotton candy maker works well, but it's about $40. it's easy to use, but you're not going to get that high of a yield off of it. still, it's fun!

hi boo! the rose petals turned out much better than i expected, but i think it's because there was so much bergamot oil in the tea i used (chado earl grey imperial). i'd like to try the tea with the rose petals in it next time.

hi violet! never let me loose in a toy store :D

hi jennifer! this was so much fun to do, even if it didn't turn out, i would've blogged about it anyway!

hi saffron! the matcha doesn't quite melt in your mouth, so when you eat it, the sugar melts all caramelly, followed by a mild green tea taste. i have to admit the first bites were absolutely addictive, then i remembered i was eating pure sugar, so i don't know if it was the utter sweetness or the utter badness that made me stop eating it! the rose petals went nicely with it, just a hint of bergamot and rose. and a lot more sugar....

hi big bok! now that i've made a $20 investment in a cotton candy machine, i'm almost tempted to come up with more flavours for imbb. i can't wait for a chicken challenge--fried chicken flavour cotton candy floss, anyone? ;P

Hi, santos!

That looks absolutely cool. It must've smelled and tasted pretty fantastic as well - matcha candy floss and Earl Gray-scented candied petals! "Wow" is all I can say.

Wow. What an amazing idea! I didn't even know one could make cotton candy.

Two words for you: PURE GENIUS! Cotton candy hasn't entered my food vocabulary since I was about six, and now I'm thinking I have a lot of lost time to make up for. I wouldn't be surprised if you've just started the next 'big thing'...

i read your article in gr. it made me want to visit guam. :)

Great idea. I've seen the candy making machines in the stores here but thought with my children grown up, why bother - but now I'm thinking 'that looks fun'.

That is sooo cool!!!

hi midge--i was surprised with how well the green tea was suited to cotton candy. i hadn't had cotton candy in like, um, decades, maybe? hey that stuff's good!

hi elise! i was surprised to see so many cotton candy machines for home use on the market. jacques torres has a recipe for handmade cotton candy which doesn't sound awful to do, but i'm rather glad i found a cheap machine.

hi melissa! :D i remember seeing there was some high end restaurant in new york that regularly serves cotton candy to its guests (i'm guessing it's le cirque--doesn't that mean "the circus"?), so if they haven't sparked the trend, i doubt this will. but it sure is purdy!

hi yoony! do visit! i'll make you some cotton candy :)

hi barbara! it was fun. i think, though, a modicum of patience is needed because it took over ten minutes to get this pile. a better machine would yield higher quantities, i imagine. i also imagine this might be an interesting way to end a meal, like the whole fondue/chocolate fountain food-as-entertainment thing.

hi clare--it is! i stared at it for a long while before i ate it because it was just so funky looking. i couldn't believe the machine worked, too!

santos, you're one of the most creative food bloggers i've ever seen, if not THE most creative. that looks like one yummy cotton candy!!!

You are so amazing! That is such a sensational idea. I love it! Love it!

Hi Santos,
that is absolutely brilliant.
I love candy floss...

hi stef and rachael! pshaw, any kid can make this--and probably already has!

hello fanny--i haven't had candy floss in a very, very, VERY long time. it's so much tastier than i remember, even without the green tea and flowers.

WOw afroken and Matcha floss with rose petals. Hmmm O have to figure out how am I going to do this without the fairy floss maker. Argh ;P Great post


hi milgwimper!

here's jacques torres' recipe which doesn't use a machine. i'm surprised my laziness won out over the sheer scrapheap challenge/junkyard wars genius of the instructions--you'll need a pair of tin snippers, a cheap whisk, two dowels and a garbage bag. then with a lot of strange arm gestures you'll have fairy floss, or possibly an underwater rocket device :D

Holy crap, you are a GENIUS.

hey mariko! haaaaa, tell my mom that.

Hi Santos - such sweet photos! I remember I had one of those machines when I was a kid...


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