on the edge of seventeen.

i will admit, there were two reasons for this particular post: the first was to remind you that the 17th edition of is my blog burning? is coming up, this time hosted by clement of the impeccable a la cuisine!, the theme this time: tea. any dish or drink that's made with tea qualifies, clement says, but he also graciously invites us all to share any experiences or rituals we may have involving said subject.

i don't have any experiences or rituals i'm allowed to share (don't mull on that), but i do have an observation i've been meaning to blog about for awhile.

tea 6 tea 3
tea 1 tea 5
tea 4 tea 2

the majority of people on guam prefer sweet iced tea, much like the american south, but unlike the south, the tea does not come pre-sweetened. however, most establishments provide a simple sugar syrup in a small pitcher or in individually wrapped pour packets rather than granulated sugar as the sweetener of choice. although i don't have a particular preference for sweet tea, i find that i do miss this amenity when i am on the mainland (and in hawaii. why isn't this in hawaii?) as the syrup dissolves instantly, and makes that perfect tea: ice: sugar: lemon ratio so much easier to obtain (by the way, does anyone else get even mildly annoyed with free refills that disturb that ratio? do you even get free refills where you are?).

anyway, a simple sugar syrup is as it name states, simple. just add two cups of water to one cup of sugar in a saucepan, heat and stir until the sugar is dissolved. cool, then store in a clean container in the 'fridge, where it will keep indefinitely. it comes in handy when making agua frescas, citrus ades, and other summer coolers .

the second reason for this post? if i get just one person--one! i tell you--with a stevie nicks' song stuck in his or her head today, my mission has been accomplished.

i said ooh baby, ooh, said ooh.


Hi!!! :) I haven't been on your site in a while and now that I am .. I'm hungry again. :) That just goes to show that you take great pictures of food!!

Anyway, I'm thinking about putting up recipes in my site too (even Catcrea recipes). No pictures tho -- not until I remember to take pics of the food before I eat. hehe I'm almost done, I've just been lazy.

I don't like sweetened tea, but what a nice touch to provide a simple syrup for those that do! Along those lines... can't remember where, but I remember being some place not that long ago where they served hot milk with the coffee.

(sorry, I'm hopeless with the musical references, so I won't be the one with the Stevie Nicks' song stuck in my head)

Damn [Ant Music] you to [tchktchuh] hell Santos. You just [Ant Music] harshed my Queens [tchktchuh] of the [Ant Music] Stone [tchktchuh] Age buzz.

hi ces! i can't *wait* for you to start food blogging--i want that stroganoff recipe :D

hi cathy! i don't use the sugar syrup often, but i agree, it's a very nice touch. i like the idea of hot milk with coffee as well. there's a place in the farmer's market in la that used to give you a little cup where you could warm your milk over an individual sized carafe of coffee (a coffee hottle). i think people kept stealing the cups though, so now it's just a paper thingie.

anthony--muahahahahhhhh :D stevie rules and you know it.

♫♫...Just like the white wing dove...♫♫...sings a song sounds like she's singing...♫♫

Oops...Hi S...I guess Stevie's stuck in my head! LOL!

BTW...you can find sugar water at Starbucks. =)

♫♫...Ooh baby, ooh...said ooh!...♫♫

(laughing) all you need is a treadmill, scary boots, leather, lace and a dove, and i SWEAR you'd be stevie, reid!

i said ooh baby ooh SAID OOH


I'd have to say that is one of the most visually appealing blogger comments I've seen ever.

No. The only stevie that rules is stevie austin (a man barely alive).

hi santos, mission accomplished ;) love that montage of tea pictures. and totally agree about syrup and iced tea - why doesn't everybody serve their iced tea with syrup?! it's simple, logical, costs next to nothing, makes people happy...

hi j! oh, i *know*, it just seems so very logical.