just some sexy fungi photos

maitake mushroom

shiitakes honshimeji mushroom
shiitake and honshimeji

hiratake mushroom


this funghi porn is almost too much for me!

Oh yeah... I can hear Barry White from here...

Such great things. Who's up for a posse to go get whoever it was that mad canned sliced champignons? We ride at sunrise!

hey violet--mmmmmm. i think that shiitake likes you.

augustus! oh, oh yeah. oh, oh. oh yeahhhhh. they're qualified to satisfy you, anytime you want them to....

anthony--yeeeahhhhh, heck yeah.
we've paid our dues, time after time
we've done our sentence, but committed no crime.
and bad mistakes--we've made a few. we've had our share of straw kicked in our gills, but we've come through!

weeeeee are the champignons, my fre-hends
and weeee'll keep on fighting, 'til the end.
we are the champignons,
weeeeee are the champignons
no time for losers
'cause we are the champignons...of the world!

i'll go sharpen my can opener!

In the mushroom
With no texture
Rather yucky

hmmm i thought maitake looked similar to shiitake... now i know! lol fungi porn??!! now i've heard everything!! :D

soft supple sensual sexy marvelous melt-in-my-mouth mushrooms.

Gee, am I going to have a parental advisory warning on my link to your site??

Guambat Stew

How do you take such great pictures of your food? They all look fab! Would you mind telling what camera you use please??

shuna--don't forget slippery like silk :)

john thos.--sad to say, yes. parental warning: immaturity ahead....

hi sharon! a nikon coolpix 2500. cheap and cheerful :D

For shame. Tsk-tsk.