the supreme segmenting supremes segment

blood orange 2

i don't know why i'm so fascinated by this but i am. you know those citrus segments you sometimes get that don't have all the pithy rind on it? they actually have a name: supremes. isn't that crazy? i think it's crazy.

here's how to segment an orange:

peeled blood orange 1. cut the top and bottom off of the rind. stand the orange on one end and cut down the sides to peel the orange. remove as much of the white membrane as you can.

cutting blood orange 2. use a sharp knife to cut the orange segments at a slight angle between the membrane and lift the segment out carefully.

blood orange carcass 3. squeeze out any juice from the remaining carcass.

blood orange segments 2

ladies and gentlemen, i give you the supremes!


I was almost drooling.. looking as you disect the orange.. ;)

hi mrs.t! what else should i dissect? ;-)

looked so delicious man!!! we don't have such oranges over here :( sad sad

hi babe! how are you? we don't get these very often, but when i do, i try to make the most of them. when i'm in california, they are around a lot more, so i use them with other oranges to make juice. the flavour is great, and the colour is crazy!

Hey Santos,

Your segmenting technique is fantastic! Can't wait to try it. I'm nuts about blood oranges when I can get them -- but my latest discovery is the pink Cara Cara orange. Have you ever had these? I'm gonna post about it soon. It's totally amazing.

hi julie! i have some cara caras in my fridge right now :-) i'll be looking out for your post though, as i haven't tried them yet.

i first saw mary sue milliken from border grill do this technique on one of her shows, and i've been fascinated with it ever since. i mean, i never really thought about those denuded slices of citrus, did you?

Why didn't I think of this? I have avoided a wonderful beet/orange salad recipe just because it took me SO long to peel those sections!

My Chef posed a brain teaser question to me the other day. What is the middle of the orange supreme called, the left over rind. 3 letter word. I can only think of Pith, but that is 4 letters and wrong. Any Suggestions?

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wow chef j. no idea. the seed is sometimes called a pip, and if you are talking about the actual core, that can be called a nub, but the pith itself? sorry :(