"mein herze schwimmt im blut"

heart of palm salad

a salad of sliced hearts of palm, orange peppers, maui onion and blood orange segments with a blood orange vinaigrette.

i am probably telling you more about me than anything i've ever written by admitting one of my favourite movies is "the freshman", possibly the greatest movie about self-absorption and komodo dragons (until they make the sharon stone biopic of course). and of course, my favourite character is larry london--a bloated, rambling, eccentric german chef, prone to sudden outbursts. i had seen the movie so much when it first came out that now larry's outbursts are my own (thankfully only in my head), including bach's cantata no. 199, "mein herze schwimmt im blut", which larry so helpfully points out means "my heart swims in blood". so true, larry, so true.

and there, nenes, is the inspiration for this salad.

blood orange vinaigrette

juice remaining from a segmented blood orange, plus one whole one if not particularly juicy
a couple tablespoonfuls of olive oil and red wine vinegar
salt and white pepper to taste
a tiny glop of a good honey
a light dusting of fennel pollen, if available

whisk together, and drizzle over salad.

update: just had a chat with special combo, and remembered her tangerines and pepper salt; in honour of that try adding finely chopped thai bird chilis to the vinaigrette for a little aibm stylee.


I love blood oranges. I can only get them for a short time during the summer, but in that time I consume enough to make up for the rest of the year!

Hey..Santos.. the picture looks absolutely fab..!!

Not to forget Ozu's 1963 classic Eh Komodo? Boku boku boku!

hi hannah--me too!
hey mrs.t--thanks again, you're so sweet.
anthony--eh? mazel tov!

Now that looks like a healthy and tasty salad.

hi dennis! thanks for visiting. i'm excited for you and phan and the new restaurant plans. i'm trying to eat much lighter and healthier these days so i'm trying to have as many uncooked and/or vegetarian meals as possible. i love hearts of palm, i need to find more ways of using them.

I saw the subject line in my RSS reader, and thought 'Hey, that's a line from The Freshman!'. The salad looks great. Another nice pairing with blood orange is beets and a little bit of bergamot infused olive oil. It's very bloody!

hi anon! i love beets and blood oranges together. but bergamont-infused olive oil?! get out! that is too amazing for me to even contemplate.

there are two brands of bergamot olive oil; one is colonna:

but the second escapes me. worth a trip to your local gourmet food store to find it. we use it as salad dressing all on it's own with just a grind of pepper and a bit of salt. yum! also delicious on salmon and trout.

my local gourmet store is called "the web" :-) thanks for the tip, i'm definitely seeking it out.