raging yoghurt cupcake

raging yoghurt cupcake

a fresh strawberry cupcake with whipped strawberry yogurt frosting. it was inspired by bowb's fabbo blog, raging yoghurt. why does her yoghurt rage? it doth not rage for me.

the all cupcakes, all the time girls got to this cake before me--literally--and have the scoop on the yogurt frosting.


So healthy..!! santos.. :)

Oh Santos, that cupcake looks so cute. Never met a cupcake I didn't like... :)

hi mrs. t! (laughing) of course!

hi sweetnicks! isn't it amazing how you can take a gloopy mess, drop it on a cupcake and suddenly it looks good? :-D

Hi Santos!

Your cupcake looks yummy :)
I really enjoy reading your adventures, thanks!

hi panda! thanks! i enjoy reading about your adventures too.

Afro Ken!

¡hola avatar! gotta think of a cupcake for afro'd afroken....