totoro tutorial

this one's for cousin karen and anyone who wants to make a totoro at home!

fondant (it's easiest to buy it premade, but here's a recipe if you can't find any)
food colouring (1 colour is enough, but if you want, also use black for the nose and pupils)
filling (anything firm--marzipan, nut paste, ganache, fudge, even peanut butter mixed with confectioner's sugar, or a marshmallow)

totoro tutorial 1

1. tint one big walnut chunk sized hunk of fondant any colour you want. knead until smooth and pliable. knead a smaller fat nut sized ball of white fondant. the fondant is easy to work with (like that play dough stuff) and pieces will stick to each other with little effort.

totoro tutorial 2

2. shape coloured chunk into a rough egg or strawberry shape. you can also wrap it around a small ball of filling. roll a bit of the coloured chunk into a fat rope and cut into four pieces at a diagonal. roll out two little balls of white, and and even littler ball. flatten out a bit of the white fondant into an oval-shape that is larger on one end.

totoro tutorial 3

3. stick two of the rope pieces on the top of the coloured egg piece for ears, two on the sides for arms. smooth the white oval about halfway down the coloured egg shape and fold the rest underneath. flatten out the two bigger white balls and place on either side of the smaller white ball for a face.

4. use a toothpick dipped in dark food colouring to colour in the nose bit, add pupils, mouth, and um, totoro chest hair.

totoro tutorial 4

totoro ready to go!


Wow thanks Ate! The little people in the family will have something to enjoy next time we're all together. Perhaps I should make it their project.

hi santos,

a marshmallow in totoro, what a brilliant concept!

The toad is a totoro fan, I think - still too young to really tell - this could well be an unhealthy winner.

hey karen--if you don't want to use fondant, you can use polymer clay so the kiddies can keep them around for awhile, or even bread or cookie dough--and then you can bake them!

hi chika! the more i think about a marshmallow totoro, the more i like it too :-D

hey pieman--cornershop *and* totoro?! i like your toad!

Hi santos,
Ahhhhhhh…!! I love this! I love this! But…can you eat this cute little thing?

hi obachan! you can very much eat the little bugga if you can get over his cuteness. it's a lot of sugar, though. fondant is basically just icing sugar, but you can fill up his belly with anything.

oooh... i love totoro...:0

this is the cutest thing ever! I cannot wait to make some tonight!

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Wow! That's amazing. I was just googling for Totoro pics, and found your delightful Totoro cup-cake... This is really something! Keep up the baking!
All the best!

That's amazing! Nice work! I will totally use this for every cup/birthday cake I make! Thanks for this.

Amazing! I will try to make some for my children as a surprise! Thanks!
They love Totoro, as you can see from our youtube page...