dress your tea in corduroy and salmon

cold caramel matcha

a few months ago, i was reading a post on f*ck corporate groceries, and learned about moogdrenk, a caffeinated cocoa. i have to tell you, i was more than a little excited by this, but the caffeine is from guarana, which i've had some iffy experiences with in terms of quality and effect of inferior product. i have yet to buy it as i once spent time with a rock star-type skater-type guy who drank a guarana product every day when he was on tour, and it was pretty helpful during the rigors of travel and touriness, but it took him at least six months to kick his guarana addiction. not pretty when he was amped and didn't have 16,000, 1600, 160, 16, 1.6 people to scream lyrics at and no one cared about his mctwist into a fakie backslide frontside half cab kickflip over the pyramid hip. or something like that. whatever. i'm sure the guarana in moogdrenk (man, i love typing that word) is quality, but the stigma remains for me, 'm'fraid.

anyway, it turns out that the company that makes this drink, steep, is run by a bunch of skaters, and besides the moogdrenk, they have some really nice tea. my favourite for the moment is corduroy, a blend of green tea, vanilla and caramel (natural) flavours. it is quite delightful served chilled, as i had the other day, with some schmantzy but tasty tea sandwiches made with cucumber, wasabi flavoured cream cheese, and smoked salmon.

afternoon tea sandwiches


What's schmantzy?

er, yiddish rhyming slang? as in "fancy-schmantzy"

It's a common yiddish slang phoneme (e.g schmo) that's unusual in English but used as a kind of first consonant replacing dismissive prefix with rhyming as in: work, schmerk, spelling schmelling etc. English does use the rhyming thing for expressions such as hanky panky, okey dokey, and achey breaky (the last isn't strictly true but subliminally annoying).

Lovely pics btw.

ah, that is good to know. thanks, sensei!

Fun site - thanks for helping me pass the hours at work.

I am assuming the title comes from a David Sadaris book? Me Talk Pretty One Day is a good one if you haven't read it yet - love him!