tortilla tamagoyaki, or the oslo-obachan omelette (imtb 2)

tortilla tamagoyaki

a cross between a spanish omelette (tortilla), and japanese tamagoyaki: sauteed potato, onion, and cabbage inside a rolled omelette of beaten eggs thinned with vegetable stock, seasoned with soy sauce, and served with oyster sauce. this was inspired by obachan's personal foodie event is my tamagoyaki burning?, and oslofoodie's tortilla. then i remembered that she has a thing for eggs with oyster sauce, which definitely rock the block, so there you go.


Wow, this should be delicious, I definitely missed that posting by Obachan, her omelette looks so yummy! Arrggh, it's your turn to make me drool, Santos, it's almost 9 pm and I haven't had dinner, so gotta go...

That looks sooooo good! I love anything with eggs, but that filling sounds amazing.

This is so ingenious of you.. ;) i really like it.. :)

Hm, I think my kimchi is burning... ;-)

P.S. Santos: you know a guy in Guam who works as a librarian, who went to library school in Hawaii (UH)? There was a guy in my grad program from Guam and I'm wondering if you know each other.

Oh, now you just made me crave for this omelette-tortilla concoction! And it's only 3pm. :(

hi oslo foodie! definitely inspired by all your posts, but i love playing with my food and rolling omelettes.

hi hannah! any filling will work, really, as long as you don't overstuff it.

hi mrs.t--i think you'd like it too :-) maybe next time i'll try making a sweet one with a fruit filling....

hey kimchi jon--ahaaahaaa haaa, i think everyone should have something burning at some point. i don't know any librarians who went to UH but i still know people there. what's his last name? maybe i know his family.

hey karen--i made this for my mom for lunch today, she loved it!

Hi santos,
OMG, what a creative idea! So glad to know that my blog was inspiring to someone. This looks so nice and now I’m getting hungry….