imbb 13 pt. 2: i should cocoa and naga cupcake

my second entry for this edition of imbb was only supposed to be one thing but the unfinished cake turned out so very good that this has turned into a sort of half and one entry, if you know what i mean.

naga cupcake 2

chika recently reminded me of vosges chocolates, specifically of the naga truffle, which is milk chocolate with coconut flakes and sweet curry. i was so intrigued by this combination i decided to try making a cupcake based on these flavours.

i should cocoa cupcake

what is good for the truffle is not necessarily good for the cupcake, so i set out to make a very mildly flavoured cake. even though cupcakes are individually sized, they can be quite substantial, and i wasn't sure anyone would want a whole cupcake packing a strong curry chocolate flavour. i started with the cake itself. i wasn't sure how to go about making a "milk" chocolate cake as all the recipes i came across used dark or semi-sweet chocolate, and i wasn't sure a straight milk chocolate substitution nor added milk or cream to it would work as i had already decided to use coconut milk in the recipe, so i ended up using dutch-processed cocoa powder, boosted with some chocolate extract, although i'm not sure it was necessary.

at first i wasn't sure about the chocolate cake produced, but i'm not a big fan of chocolate to begin with. however, after the second or third cupcake (hey, i gotta test 'em, right?), i have to say they were pretty darned good. they remind me more of a chocolate milkshake than a chocolate bar, just a hint of chocolate with a milky coconut undertone. mmm. these cupcakes definitely did a bridget jones as i liked them just as they were. however, i did have to naga-hyde them, so i frosted a few with a chocolate ganache made by melting a bunch of cadbury dairy milk eggs and mini-bars (let's hope my god-daughter doesn't notice i raided her easter egg basket!) with a little bit of heavy cream, then boosted with a couple teaspoonfuls of sweet curry powder, a curry blend with fenugreek, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, and cloves amongst quite a few other things. the ganache was wonderful, chocolatey and somehow smoky, and it was tempered well by the cake.

naga cupcake

this cupcake turned out to be more fine than funky, and in this season of excessive chocolate novelties, why not add another to the list?

i should cocoa cupcakes

250 g softened unsalted butter
250g white sugar
4 eggs
2 tbsp chocolate extract (optional)
185g self-raising flour
60g all-purpose flour
40g dutch processed cocoa (although, i did add more later when i wasn't thrilled with the colour, so use your best judgement)
185ml coconut milk

cream butter and sugar together until light and fluffy; add eggs until well-incorporated. add chocolate extract. sift the flours and cocoa powder together. alternate folding in the flour-cocoa mix and adding the coconut milk into the mixture. stir until smooth, adding more cocoa powder to the batter if it just looks weird to you, to whatever shade you prefer. fill paper-lined muffin tins and bake in a 350˚F preheated oven for 20 minutes. cool completely before frosting.


PRETTY! Ooops, stop drooling Zarah!

What creative cupcakes! The pistachio cream looks divine. Can anyone enter the imbb's or is it an invitational event? It is a neat idea all the same.

I enjoy your blog and I am jealous of your adorable puppy ;)

I so want one of those cupcakes right now!!!

BTW, you must've seen a favorite movie of mine? :-) Is that where the blog title comes from?

hi santos,

this one looks pretty and sounds so intriguing! I am increasingly convinced of the idea of curry-in-chocolate now, I should play around with it in something, too!

hi Santos (again)
O wow! Chocolate curry cupcake. That's very clever of you. I would never thought of adding curry into my chocolate. Then again I have heard that adding a hint of dark chocolate to curry will bring out even more wholesome flavour of the curry.
I love the chocolate ganache you have there. Yummmmm
Oh hey! It seems like we have rather similar taste? Cocoa and maccha!

I too am a fan of vosges... well a virtual fan: I always chicken out on my order when I calculate the shipping.
Fun inspiration!

im inpsired by your creativity! ive never had a curry-chocolate truffle, but hey, if its chocolate, how bad can it be? great entry :-)

Oh I am so curious as what this cupcake taste like... the first photo makes me want to swoop and bite, so moist and pretty. You and your cupcakes, Santos :-P.

hello zarah--this is the time we need that magical food portal you've envisioned. i want some of your colourful cupcakes!

hey gemma--i'm glad to see you've entered your lovely muffins. my crazy unnamed puppy is intent on biting me incessantly--you wouldn't be so jealous if you were here :-)

hi hannah--i really like these cupcakes, they were rather mild but quite addictive. re: your favourite movie--you know it ;-) !!

hi chika-san! i think you would like this, but maybe with dark chocolate. you make such beautiful cakes, i think you could make something wonderful.

hi pinkcocoa--i didn't know that chocolate enhanced curry, that's interesting to know, thank you for that. isn't it crazy we both made cocoa and matcha cupcakes?! i will have to try your volcano muffins soon!

jocelyn--i love your daffodils! i have only ever had a vosges chocolate bar, but one day i will splurge and check out the truffle collection. but i'd have to go to a shop--i think the shipping costs would wig me out too.

hi tanvi--thanks for visiting, i just found your blog through this edition of imbb, i'm looking forward to sitting down and reading through your archives. where in los angeles are you? i still have a place (and a blog!) there, so i'm socal quite a bit.

oh oslofoodie, these cupcakes will be my downfall. actually, my weight gain :-P

What a great idea Santos! I'm really curious to try this combination, it sounds so good. Good excuse to mail order some spices too!

I knew it! I knew it, one entry won't be enough for you, hehehe! Creative cupcakes indeed, and how enticing!

hi cathy! i was too chicken to try making these very strong, but if you are mail ordering spices (i'd like to try penzey's next time), you could play away!

hi karen! :-D

naga...? inspired by naga, bicol? i was thinking pili nuts. =D

no, the naga truffle, by vosges chocolate. there's a link above.

This looks so good! *drools* I tried my hand an it. I made the recipe but substituted malt syrup for the chocolate extract. Really tasty. But I couldn't really get down with the naga ganache. I featured it in a post today, with a link back to your page.
Great recipe!