vanilla cupcakes with espresso icing

vanilla cupcakes with espresso icing, and a rococo chocolate coffee bean as deco. another Big G recipe, but the recipe i have in the book is not the same recipe on the web. i followed the one in the book, and >gasp!< for the first time, the end product didn't look like the ones in the book! so maybe the web recipe is the correct one? i'll just have to try it to find out. the ones in the book are pretty good, though--vanilla-ey, fine crumbed and light,with just enough heft to give it body, but not enough for you to mistake it for a muffin. the icing was simply made with a couple tablespoonfuls of hot espresso mixed with a helluvalotta powdered sugar until smooth, then liberally drizzled on.

someone recently remarked that i don't care about my cupcakes, and while i wholly agree with that as an analogy regarding my attitude towards food and cooking in general, in fact, cupcakes are pretty much the only thing i bake that i do care about. i am on the quest to create unequalled cupcakes. i don't know why. i think it's partially because they are manageable to eat, so therefore must be manageable in perfection*. and i think it's because i want to be the next amy sedaris of the cupcake set. i know i have a long, long way to go, but i guess it's better than wanting to be jerri blank.

*which is to say, perfection for *me*, which is not very perfect at all.


YUM. And hey cool, you can almost see the indents of your individual front teeth... :P

someone recently remarked that i don't care about my cupcakeswhat a bastard, you want maybe I should whack him?

They are the best of all possible cupcakes.

augustus gloop! augustus gloop! not only can you see the indentations of my front teeth, but you can also see i've got a little bit of an overbite....

nnnnnthny--no, no, remarker must be lauded for acute (correct) observation but still managing to allude to the one food item i almost obsess over. all whilst i was baking above cupcakes, no less. they are not perfect, although they are very breasty, don't you agree? titillating.

The remarker has no doubt picked up some genetic disposition to pick an example out of the air which is amazingly able to accurately offend somebody in earshot. e.g."It's not as if you work for a large petrochemical comapany or something...oh you do?"

Breasty indeed. They do lack areola however I do prefer allusion to crass replication. And taken from the dental evidence by Augustus Gloop, I'm guessing they'd be an A-cup cake.

now i feel like hannibal lecter.

Hey Santos, nice pert nipply cup cakes. I think I just invented a new English word.

nice one, OF. it will come in handy. one day.