vanilla cupcakes, redone.

so i did try the vanilla cupcake recipe attributed to bill granger on the bbc food website, and here it is, covered in pink icing and a lovely little strawberry on top. the different between this recipe and the one in the book is more a matter of texture than taste--it's slightly lighter, with a much lighter crust, and with a more tender crumb. and yes, it looked more like the one in the book.
i can't say i like this one better, but i think it would be the better choice for a dairy-based frosting. maybe even the white chocolate sour cream frosting suggested in the recipe. hmmmm. cupcakes, anyone?


Ah! Pretty pictures! And thank you for leaving me the crumbs ;-)

absolutely gorgeous!

Okay Okaaay

hallo kids

i do love a pink pastry. especially super fakey pink, but it's charming. actually, this cupcake recipe is really growing on me, and i think might be "the" recipe. it's absurdly good with pink icing, so i'll have to to try it with other toppings....

nth--it's just the beginning!