tarako spaghetti

a simple pasta dish: tarako spaghetti. tarako is salted cod roe, and is sold fresh at my local japanese deli. antoi and lilly turned me on to this delish fish egg, and this is my favourite way to prepare it.

break open two roe sacs and carefully scrape out the eggs. discard the casing. melt a couple of tablespoonfuls of butter in a pan, add the roe and cook for a minute. stir in about a quarter cup of heavy cream, heat through, then toss into hot spaghetti. if the sauce becomes clumpy, add some of the hot pasta water to "loosen" it. top with nori(seaweed), radish sprouts, crushed red pepper (if you want it spicy), and a little dollop of tarako. serve with lemon wedges on the side.


Hi Santos,

aaaaaah tarako spaghetti! I love it! I love it ! I loooove it!!! Though I like mentaiko one even better, too :)

Yours looks so pretty, I might have to run to a store for some tarako...

hi chika! mentaiko is the one that's already spicy, right? mmmmmm. mmmmmmm. i wonder how much of this stuff i can eat in a week without exploding or going into cardiac arrest or something....