mushroom carrot tofu thing

fresh shiitake mushrooms, something called korean brown mushrooms, carrots, and tofu, stir-fried in a soy-mirin-sesame oil sauce with garlic and ginger. i wanted something a little sweet for dinner, but not overwhelmingly so; the sweetness comes from the main ingredients, not from the sauce, which was very mild.



That looks so good Santos! Just a kinda throw-it-all-together? I have to remember this one, I'm not good at cooking with tofu - yet!

Hi Santos,

This sounds so good and looks beautiful, especially on your fab green dish...nice shot!

hi zarah maria
it was so very simple. i used the firmest tofu i could find, and fried it a little in a light oil with a few drops of sesame oil, then set it aside, and cut the mushrooms and the carrots in bite-sized pieces. the sauce was an equal mix of mirin and soy sauce, with just a very little bit of cornstarch mixed with a couple tablespoonfuls of warm water to thicken everything. i poured a little bit more oil in the pan, added a couple finely minced cloves of garlic and a very small amount of minced ginger. i threw the carrots, then mushrooms, and finally the tofu in, sauteed them a bit, then added the sauce until coated and cooked through. simple!

hi anon
i love this dish. i bought it in college many moons ago in a clearance sale, and it has come in handy ever since.

Hi again Santos,

What a schmuck- that was me posting anonymously...I totally spaced signing off! I have a cool bowl that I got years ago at a church ladies' thrift shop in Honolulu. I haven't used it in awhile so I'll have to pull it out again soon; I love pieces that have a history!


All my favourite ingredients..! yum.....mmmmy!!

Geee... what an appetizing dish. Luckily I had my dinner. But still if you give me now, I can finish this whole plate. :P