curry bento

ah, i love a curry bento on rainy days. japanese curry is sweeter, thicker and not as spicy as other curries, and is almost just a condiment to accompany your starch of choice. this particular curry was very mild with chunks of carrot, radish, and potato. this bento has potato (poteto) croquettes instead of rice, as well as a cabbage salad and a little bit of pickle. needs more pickle. good thing i have a jar of pickled shallots at work just for this lapse.

i have to say, though, one of the most attractive things about the curry bento is the packaging. look, i have a package of curried food!

no denyin' that.


Hi Santos,

That curry rice looks delicious. I like croquette too, but prefer cream and corn croquette over vegetable (potato) ones. The fukujinzuke is great with curry isn't it?

hi reid

i like the cream and corn croquettes, too, but for some reason they've disappeared from all the bento places here. ?? i can still buy them frozen, but i don't like them enough to go through the trouble. i only ever have fukujinzuke with curry, it's great, but i love those rakkyo thingies too.

I love japanese curry..!! give me that anytime.. ! yums..!

Yay, the rainy day food post I've been waiting for! I'm a sucker for funky packaging -- and food separated into individual compartments.